Need Some Help With My Belt

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  1. So ive been chasing my tail on this issue for a week now but my belt squals like a mofo. Its all new underdrive pullies new belt tensioner pulley. At first i thought it was the alternator bearings or something when i removed the alternator it made a terrible squeal noise so replaced that and the squealing is still there now my belt routing is unconventional because i flipped the tensioner to where it pushes out to tension the belt.

    Heres a picture of how i routed it. If someone could tell me what im doing wrong i do know between the crank and alternator i have some slop when its running.
  2. Heres a actual picture and not a link sorry.

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  3. Are all of your accessories in line? How much tension is on the belt?
  4. Why do you have two tensioners on there? You could clean it up by removing the factory style tensioner and using a standard rotation water pump. That way, you just have 3 pulleys and you adjust the tension with the turnbuckle on the alternator.
  5. There's nothing wrong with the routing of your belt but I suspect that there isn't enough belt tension. You might wanna relocate your tensioner as per this diagram:

  6. I tried that routing years ago, March made the kit to put the factory tensioner on the drivers side. I had the same issue...squeeled like a pig since the belt was never tight enough.

    Is this a daily driver?

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  7. Same here, never had much success with that setup.
  8. Yeah daily driver and i did it this way because one i dont wanna change out my water pump and two i had the extra tensioner for more belt wrap there was a write up a couple years ago on corral that i went with he used a 59.25" belt that squealed bad and then i dropped it down to 57" and still squeals i wonder if i should take it off and add a standard pulley and use the march kit
  9. So does anyone know of a standard pulley i can use in place of the tensioner i have. I want to get good belt wrap but all the brackets like the a/c elimination bracket bolts to tje power steering pump and i have neither
  10. you can buy a March or knockoff alternator bracket that has a threaded rod to adjust the belt manually. Perhaps that will solve the issue.


    You also should check the pulleys for built up gunk that can cause the belt to slip.
  11. I have one already im looking for just a solid pulley to get added belt wrap around waterpump
  12. my old setup...

  13. This worked for you? What size belt