Roush Need some help with my Saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Saleen 499, May 16, 2009.

  1. I have a 2001 Saleen S281 SC. I am looking to put a 66mm pulley on. I also am getting a cold air intake. Am I going to need a tune after changing the pulley or do I just have to put it on and go? If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
  2. You are going to put a 66mm pulley on your ride? Doesnt that equate to a 2.6" pulley?

    You will, at the very least, need a tune. You are going to be making a LOT of boost.
  3. Yes. Not only will you need a tune but you will also have to upgrade your fuel pump. I suggest the SVT focus fuel pump which runs at 255l/h.

    Do the CAI at the same time (it also requires a tune).

    You'll find that it's difficult to find an air intake to fit with the stock supercharged saleen. Chicane makes one...but it's not a cold air. Most CAI's dont' fit the series I and series II superchargers. JLT's CAI only fits the series IV S/C.
  4. What he said... If you don't upgrade the fuel pump, your motor will be on borrowed time.
    Your A/F is probably borderline already...

    Mark at Performance Autosport also has a CAI that will fit, it might be the same one that
    Joe at Chicane sells, I don't remember. I have to order one for my 99 now that I have
    the bigger pump and 66mm pulley. You might also want to look into the MoSaleen pulley since you
    will most likely get belt slippage with the smaller pulley. It also eliminates the belt jumping
    that usually takes out the upper radiator hose. Check the bottom of your upper radiator hose,
    you may already have some damage to it... most people don't know about it until the hose lets go....

    Mike and Dwayne at Big Daddy just did all the upgrades on my 99... completely different car now....
  5. What about injectors? (asking for my own knowledge)
  6. Depends on the car... mine were maxed so we put 42's on it. Fuel pressure
    rarely goes above 20-25 PSI now at WOT.
  7. I switched to the 66mm pulley and SVT fuel pump and I didn't need injectors at that time. I was close to the threshold, though.

    When I did the next upgrade I had to switch to 42's.
  8. Doing the same also. So 42's, fuel pump and what about a mass air?

    Would you need to go bigger on that?
  9. Lightning 90mm mass air works well with the 42's... That's what they put on my car.
  10. Ditto on the above response.

    Unless you're planning on going over 420ish RWHP....a lightning mass airflow will work just fine (and it's cheaper than an SCT!). Again....i was close to pegging but not quite there when I upgraded with just the pulley.
  11. So you were close to pegging the meter when you added the Chicane pulley?

    I am going to a smaller pulley also, with a JLT intake, and SCT tune. But I don't plan on hitting anywhere near 420 RWHP.