Need some help...

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  1. So i've been out of the mustang game for awhile and want to jump back into the game, but i want to do it with my first brand new mustang i purchased as my first new car when i was 17. here comes the problem...i need to find it.:(

    i sold the car back in oct. of 02, it was a 2002 i bought brand new in sept. of 01. since then i saw the car here and there but never was able to talk to the owner. i don't know if it's a early mid life crisis or what but i just want it back and want to see if whoever owns it now would be willing to sell it. i tried calling a few local dealers and the car has not been to a dealer for service since i had it and a carfax just says that there are service records but i dont have access to a full report for free.

    if anyone can help or has super internet ****hing skills any help would be awsome.

    the vin# is 1FAFP42X52F110801

    thanks for any help