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  1. Now im new to this hole engine swap and stuff but would like to build nice turbo or n/a..
    could anyone link me some posts or sits and give me some good tips for me?
    Thank you for taking time and reading this
  2. are you looking to do a v8 swap or turbo the 2.3?
  3. Would like to find a 2.3 and swap for turbo i dont have skills to swap mounts and stuff but if i find cheap 5.0 ill have a shop swap mounts
  4. So you have a 2.3L now? What year?
  5. I dont have one yet just lost mine do to someone hitting it but i just wanna know if these builds are hard or what
  7. Those are two of the best sites for swap info. I just finished my swap a couple of months ago. Wasn't too bad at all.

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  8. What was some of the worst things that is needed
  9. swapping mounts is a bolt on each side. boom. done.
  10. From what people said they make sound like takes weeks of welding and :poo:
  11. negatory. These cars were built to accept the v8 or the L4 with minimal work at the factory.
  12. So i can get a 5.0 and.convert it to 2.3 in a week cuz we just got done building a 240sx in 4days
  13. If you have all the swap parts ready its bolt and go. I will say that unless you have a complete donor car the swap is a **** that is going to nickel and dime you
  14. Thats what i want to do find a none running turbo merker or bird then rebuild engine and swap it
  15. The turbo swap is a piece of cake. None of it is hard if you can follow instructions. It's a whole lot easier than a v8 swap especially if you don't have a complete donor car.

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  16. where you located, i might have a friend with spare 2.3 turbo stuff
  17. Kansas
  18. Look up Stinger Performance. He's in Shawnee, KS.

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