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  1. my 95 gt is throwin codes sayin lean on either side but its running rich i can tell from the fumes comin from the exhaust and it also doesnt want to idle it spits and sputters and dies unless your messin with the throttle i have a full cold air intake , bbk long tube headers, h-pipe and 40 series flowmasters dumped before the rear axle. it may have other minor mods i do know a prior owner put a smog eliminator kit on it but any other mods im not real certain on any help or advice would be great
  2. I would consider changing the O2 sensors. They don't last forever (usually 60K miles) and are as such a maintenance item. If the ECU isn't getting an O2 sensor expected signal the ECU will, I believe, enrich the fuel as a fail safe condition.
  3. Yeah iforgot to mention that I have already done that onenof the only other I can think of is that either its a specific o2 sensor and autozone or oriellys cant get it right or because there are no cats that its burning the sensors up and they need to be moved
  4. Lack of catalytic converters will have zero effect on 02 sensor life. An exhaust leak upstream from the 02 sensor will make the sensor think you are lean and cause the ECU to fatten up the air/fuel mixture which will cause a rich running condition.
  5. the h-pipe recently broke at the flange meeting the header so im currently lookin for another h or x to replace it then ill check it again but my wife is having to do the work or take it to a shop because im currently deployed over seas but do you have any recommedations on brands to match up with the bbk long tubes and also if that doesnt solve the problem what would be my next step
  6. Most after market auto retailers have the wrong O2 sensor requirements for these cars in the catalogs. There are only 2 sensors and they are placed before the cats. On an O/R H or X pipe the sensor bungs may or may not be present. If they aren't present you will need to have the bungs welded in as the ECU requires that feedback signal. Any exhaust leaks must be fixed before drawing conclusions about the state of the O2 sensors. That is critical.
  7. the LT headers have the bungs for the O2 sensors jus a few inches from the flanges so thats where the O2s are at but as far as the correct O2 im not sure which ones i currently have in there now but i do know when you go to autozone or a store like that they do not differ the 94-95 from the rest of the sn95 series thats where some of my problem is coming in I believe. you wouldnt happen to know the correct part# for this by chance
  8. I don't know the part number. However, just get the ones they show as being before the cats if there is a difference. You could also call a Ford dealer and ask the parts department for the number as well.
  9. Check and clean your air filter and check and clean your MAF sensor.