Need Some Idears.

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  1. Thanks to a good scratch off ticket I got about 5 grand to play with maybe 6 if I use some of my own pocket money. What would you do with a near full bolt on gt with 112k miles on it? Spray it till it goes? Do a swap of another motor? rebuild the 2v?
  2. Time for a supa charga and some tires. I put my blower on at 95xxx. If the motors in good running shape, you dont build too huge, and you get a good tune, that car will still run for a long time. I noticed your comments on your Sumitomos in your sig, thought maybe you could use a new set of shoes.
  3. Yea those are retired I believe going back to the bullitts contemplating on a 255 or a 275 m/t or nitto d/r and maybe having a little fun with plastidip and making the center gold unless I can find a pic of that somewhere. Motor seems to be in good running order but I'm a pansy when it comes to doin big upgrades on stock bottom ends :-/ Only reason I'd do the spray is cause if I blew it up I could afford the rebuild for the most part.
  4. Build the motor and spray the living :poo: out of it.
  5. On3 Performance front-mount turbo kit. $2100. Win.
  6. turbo it vs spray or blower. easier on the rest of the parts