Need some ideas...Fellow stangnetter's

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  1. Well as i get my car closer to a peacful daily driver, i need some idea's on how to quiet down the hatch. When going over bumps and turns etc the hatch bounces around, moves side to side and rattles. Riding in other cars without a hatch, its sooo much quieter inside. So what can i do to secure this thing better? Why do you guys do when u put subs in? id think that could be a start :)
  2. i would check the weather striping and striker maybe :shrug:
  3. Striker for sure, and adjust those little rubber knobs on each side so there's not so much clearance. And get subframe connectors....less body flex means less flex in that hatch area.

  4. Here's a way out idea(from fantasy land):

    Sounds from a harp and everything begins to undulate as we tune into the land of dreams...

    How 'bout a fiberglass hatch and lexan rear window! Seems to this dreamer that a lighter hatch is a quieter hatch! Ooooh, imagine the weight savings!

    ...boy that model puddy sure packs a wallop, no wonder it says "VAPOR HARMFUL!", WOOHOO!(just kidding!)

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: I SEE DANCING BANANAS DO YOU?
  5. my hatch has always rattled around and made a bunch of noise, never could get it right.... :shrug:
  6. Mine stopped moving so much when I replaced the hatch supports.
  7. :stupid: I went and bought new hatch struts and adjusted the striker and now mine is noiseless. Too bad I cant get the "air bag" to shut up while I drive.
  8. yeah, just adjust the striker so it is a tighter fit.
  9. well i adjusted the striker down so it sets lower on the car, it seems to be firmer. Alot less side to side play. I think after some new (not so smashed) weather stripping, lift shocks, and some subframs (as suggested) it will be alot better. Thanks for the idea's guys!
  10. Ditto, Subframes made my hatch stop rattling during normal driving. If i am on a bumpy road or going over tracks or something it still rattles a little, but buzzing around town its nice and quiet.

  11. Told ya you would like them :D I love my subs, they took a lot of the noises out of my stang. I say your next mod should be subs :nice:
  12. Any Subframe's you guys suggest going with? I've seen Full length, partial, bolt,weld in etc. Something cheap and easy to install would be awesome...suggestions? :)
  13. they really need to be welded in, and should be done by a shop unless you are quite comfortable with a welder. Bolt in connectors just losen up after a little while.
  14. Agreed, and personally i dont think you need to spend a whole lot to feel the effect either. I spent less then 200 for the subs and installation and they made a very noticable difference.

  15. The fix for a sqeaky hatch is to spray the rubber weatherstripping with silicone spray lube. Repeat about every 6 months. It doesn't stop the hatch from moving around, but at least you won't hear it.