Need Some More Experienced Help

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  1. Ok I have my 87 very on the road finally now id like to do some modifications interior wise does anybody know if the 92-95 who seats could be wired up so the bolsters would work? Also has anyone ever moved the powr window switchs from the door panels to somewhere like the ashtray? I'm planning on re-doing my door panels as they aren't in the best of shape. I have access to wiring diagrams and grew up in a mechanical family and done alot of custom stuff to my friends Hondas but never gone this far, but DIY stuff is nothing major to me.
  2. The 94-95 seats should go in a foxbody. I have seen reference to it on some site.
    Working on a 96 for a buddy. It just has 2 wires to it and switch on side of seats.
    Moving the door switch shouldn't be a problem. Just extend wires etc. Pretty simple diagram for that section. PowerWindowWiring.gif
  3. I have a similar question. I have an '87 Thunderbird TC which is also a fox body car. Will Mustang seats fit in that too?
  4. 84-89 Fox Mustang GT Seats are the same 26" high buckets that went in your TC originally - those are the best match up from a Fox.
  5. Just leave the switches on the door panels but use a cool mounting spot. I have a race car that I'm selling that has flat door panels covered in that speaker type carpet. they used a momentary switch that is double throw, so you push up and the window goes up, push down, window goes down, it's pretty cool, also used a lever up by where the window comes out of the door for the door handle inside, so you pull the lever back and the door opens. trick imho. Seats are easy swap, and so is the wiring, its just a power and a ground coming out of the bottom of the seat.