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  1. I started my Mustang project through a trade of one of my motorcycles. It came to me running and driving but had a whiney T5 and smoked so I knew the drivetrain needed an overhaul. I drove it the way it was for about a year but then started my quest for a little more juice. I'm not new to rebuilding anything, I've rebuilt the motors in various cars and motorcycles so I knew this task would be right up my alley. I yanked the motor and trans and started my quest. Heres a list of what I have done so far..
    stock block bored 30over
    Canton girdle/ windage tray
    Arp bolts throughout
    Tfs1 cam
    New wp
    AFR 165 emission heads
    scorpion rr
    Gt40 Intake w/1" spacer for tall fms valve covers
    aeromotive fpr and fp(not installed yet)
    Msd ignition (full)
    bbk lt, catted mid, flowmaster 40s
    T5Z with MGW shifter
    SVE Mongoose clutch w/firewall adjuster
    Oil (electric) and Water (mechanical) installled in dash vent
    373 rear w/5 lug axels (sitting in shed)

    Problem is, I haven't even attempted to start the damn thing. Its filled with fluids, just need to find that MOTIVATION. Can yall help?
  2. So you have it all together, but need motivation just to turn the key? Turn the ****ing key, or give me the car and key and I'll drive the damn thing!
  3. That was lovely!
  4. Yea, it's a built 351w, 3.55's, 150 shot of juice. Puttin out like 560 hp on the spray and right at 400 without it. it's f'n sweet. he has alot of awesome videos on Youtube if you go look at his channel
  5. Are you friggin kidding me? I have NEVER driven my car. Only heard it run once and that was with 2 cyl misfiring and a bent pulley. Its currently a shell with half a 302 and a ratty tarp over the body.
    bugs_bunny_maroon_answer_2_xlarge.jpg Turn the damn key.

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  6. SHE'S ALIVE!!! And running well aside from a little high idle which should be fixed today. I also finished my rear with MMLCA's, uppers, rebuilt trac-lock with cobra clutches, Cobra brake calipers and rotors, FMS diff cover.
  7. Motivation is easy. Some don't even have a Mustang to work on.
  8. A long time has finally came! I lot of sweat and busted knuckles but most of the bugs are all worked out. Heres a short video

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  9. I love the wheels, I want a set of '03-'04 Cobras so bad but haven't done the 5-lug swap yet.
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  10. Looks and sounds amazing. It shook the camera!
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  11. That cam sounds sweet once the idle drops to normal with a nice lopey bounce. Sweet ride, nice and clean.
  12. Beautiful!!!! I'm jealous!:nice: