Need some opinions color wise for my truck

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  1. I'm gonna start this week restoring my F-150 shortbed 4x4. It's somewhere between 77-79 thats all i know my uncle I bought it from has been too lazy to hunt me the title up yet, heh. It's currently got 3" suspension and 33/12.50s on it but when I sell my '66 stang it's gonna get a nice 6" lift, 1" body, 38 swampers, bullbar, winch, etc etc. Right now I've got enough to restore it back driveable and lookin sharp minus the actual aftermarket stuff. I've had the plan of chrome yellow but its gonna be a driver and weekend mudder/crawler. So I'm gonna use acrylic enamel for economical reasons and I can get a gallon of primer at ace hardware for 23 bucks and like 5 for thinner. Well they cant mix chrome yellow. Well I went to O'Reilly and told them...they can mix alot of the enamel paints but...being a late model color apparently they cant mix exactly chrome yellow. they can only mix it with basecoat clearcoat. So I need to find something pretty much identical to chrome yellow in a pre80ish color that they can mix for me. So if you have any ideas try to post me some pics of something close. It's a super budget deal too...I ended up tradin my 85 body to my friend for a new bed for my truck, new fenders, everything to get it running pretty much aside from a new radiator, master cylinder, paint, and some truck bed liner to do my floor with. I cant wait to hear the engine..nice mild 390 w/ headers, running 3" pipe, 1 chamber flowdaddies and 4" tips...'cept they want 350 for that set up so i'm gonna try to find somethin cheaper. I'll try to get some pics of it in its current POS stage this week. I took SD's advice and gave into the 4x4 idea and i couldnt be happier. :nice:
  2. Why yellow and not Green (lol). You could go with Bright Yellow (A friend has a Bright Yellow 70 BOSS, nice color).....

  3. I actually considered Grabber Green metallic but I think it might be abit funky. Not what i want on my driver.