Fuel Need Some Quick Help With A Fuel Pump

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by creektrack, May 20, 2014.

  1. Pretty much stock...msd coil packs and short ram intake are pretty much the only upgrades done
  2. The voltage test was to be done at the trunk mounted IFS switch. At the point point you are testing is down stream of the FPDM. The output of the FPDM is such that not all test meters can accurately test a square wave. Some will. Some won't.

    Unless you are looking for an EE degree, better to keep it simple.

    But assuming that you have correctly measured the fuel pump wires AND you are seeing something on the VOM, the odds favor a bad fuel pump.
  3. Thank you wmburns for the help, picking up a wahlbro today....and I'll let yall know how it goes
  4. Recommend to make sure the fuel pump is compatible with a FPDM application (99+ Return-less). Use of a return style fuel pump in a FPDM application will result in a short service life.

    For best results, get a NEW fuel tank filler neck grommet. It's $$ well spent that may save you from re-doing the job should the filler neck leak.
  5. Thanks again gentlemen. ...fuel pump was the issue...picked up a wahlbro 255lph pump yesterday and installed it just now....she's back to roaring like a lion....and it seems as if throttle response has improved right off the bat sitting in the driveway. ...can't drive it just yet cuz we're cooking breakfast. ..
  6. Congrats! But be careful with those Wahlbro pumps. I bought one last year for my Mustang and it didn't even last a month. It was a 255 LPH as well. This time I went with a Granatelli 340LPH. Anyway, glad shes alive again!!
  7. mustve been a bad pump, they are usually pretty bullitproof