Need some recommendation on some parts

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  1. I'm in need of a few parts, wondering if you guys could recomend anything for a 2.3 N/A soon to be Turbo (hopefully). I just did a complete tune up the other day and wow, what a difference :banana: The K&N really gives me some extra boost on the highway :) Anyway, This car still needs some serious help. I bought standard pepboys stock replacement shocks and struts. Which me and my bud attempted to install today but before we could even get the wheel off we couldent feel our hands it was so cold. Meanwhile my Rack is leaking from both sides now and I think I damaged the pump even more the other day. I want to get nice solid parts but I dont wanna go all out and get something to extreme for just a four guys know what im saying? Also my radiator fan/motor is acting funny. I know my radiator has a hole in it and it gets pretty hot in there, but when its time for the fan to kick on I hear the fan relay(i guess??) clicking like crazy from underneeth my dash..For a new radiator I don't want to get something too good..again its only a four cylinder...I had some hard times about getting heat in my '93, if you guys remember. I had a stock 2core radiator in there and it would bearly heat up and I would get little to NO heat out the vents..What do you guys recommend??
  2. the 2.3 and 5.0 have the same radiator, i doubt the Radiator is your problem. Its probably a stuck open thermostat or a plugged up heater core. I am running the stock radiatorin my stang and i get plenty of heat (too much at times) i would backflush the heater core and change the T'stat.. see if tha helps.

  3. If you do figure out the heat issue, post up - my heat sucks, and me being the cold-hating person I am, I want my car to actually be warm in a bit less than ten minutes. :mad:

    BTW, I have my old A4LD out - did you still need one? PM me.

  4. It could be a couple of things but like he said its probably a stuck thermostat. The same thing happened to my friends gsx if you want to know if it is the radiator. Check it when its cool and see if the oil is getting in the antifreeze if it is its your head gasket. You should flush everything and then put all the fluids back in then see if that helps...?

    But do check the radiator