Need some transmission advice

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by drrac2, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. My trusty T-5 is on its way out, and I am not sure what to do.
    Should I buy a new Tremec? Should I rebuild? Is there another brand of manual transmission that I should consider?

    The car is used mostly on the street, with an occasional trip to the track.

    Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :nice:
  2. depends on your combo and what you are goin to do for the future...
  3. Basic mods: stock short block, heads, cam, blower, nitrous

    Car is a garage queen that gets weekend street use, and occasional trips to the track.

    I want something thats going to last for a while, and has the capacity to handle additional load if I decide to upgrade to a larger motor.
  4. I would move up to a tremec. The stock wc t5 is too week for even a stock mustang IMO. I think they all should have a stronger tranny atleast a t5z prob more.
  5. For a mainly street car, I'd look into the G-Force T-5. It can handle loads of HP, is lighter and quieter than a TTC.
  6. why not an auto C4 setup.. i gained .4 in the 1/4 with a built c4.
  7. yeah if its a weekend car at most, a c4
  8. I just got a T-5 from Liberty installed in my car two days ago. F'n great!

    I decided to go with theirs because a buddy of mine has had one of thiers in his '89 Saleen SSC (proshifted, mine is not) for the last three years. He launches @ 5K rpm's with full slicks and runs 11.20's on motor alone and the trans has never missed a beat. He has several titles at the local tracks with that car. That pretty much convinced me!

    The fact that the total price including shipping was $681.00 made a difference, too. Here is thier website, for those of you who have not heard of Liberty, they are in MI, just outside of Detroit.

    They are sending me a spec sheet in the mail on it, for some reason they do that after they send the trans. I'll post what they did to it when I get it.

  9. can you recheck the url you gave us. it doesnt work (at least for me right now), and a search of liberty revealed too much for me to sift through at 3 am. LOL.
    you got a new/rebuilt trans for $681? im not up to speed with trans prices, but isnt that really cheap? all i remember is that D & D had heavy duty T5 for about 1100. (off topic, but is the heavy duty T5 they offer more robust than a regular WC T5?)
  10. Thanks for the replies! :nice:
    I will have to look into those other companies. Thats exactly the type of info I was looking for!

    The car is set up for more street/highway/roadrace so I dont think a C4 would be good for my application.

  11. Here's the site they gave me, and I was able to get it on my pooter:

    I also have the phone # now. 313-278-4040

    Ask for Paul, tell him Chris in MD reccomended you.

    The trans they built me is supposed to be stronger than a WC, but not quite a TKO.

    Yeah, the price was cheap. It was actually $681.40. Plus you had to ship them your core. I sent them a core a buddy had laying around to aviod my car being down for a while (I hate not being able to drive it!) and the shipping for the core cost me $18.00 form MD to MI. They even told me it would have been significantly cheaper if my core would have been in better shape. Max price they told me for absolute worst case is $750.
  12. sweet, thanks for the info. sorry about the link. i still get "bad gateway," so i really appreciate the phone number and contact names, etc. i had always figured i rebuild mine when the time comes, but for around 700 all said and told, that sounds real nice. good stuff. thanks again. saved into the "file."
  13. :nice: i was just too stupid to play with it. works great. thanks
  14. my friend has a Liberty 5 speed, bolts right in place of T-5. He was running 10's with it.