Need suggestions on keeping mice out of my car.

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  1. I am having a bit of a mice problem in my garage and in my car. When I first began to notice mice, I went out and bought about 15 traps, plus some glue traps and caught 9 in one night. Next night I caught a few more, and a few here and there since then. Seemed like the problem stopped for a while until today I decided to fire my car up for the first time in about 2 months and I noticed more mouse droppings. I went over the wires and stuff inside the car and under the hood and everything checked out ok...although they did chew up the line for my water temp gauge coming into the car, thank goodness it has copper tubing on the inside of the insulation and didn't do any harm.

    So as I rev up my car a few times and I happened to look inside and seen a mouse scurrying across the floor. I'm about at my wits end with these little bastards and I want to get rid of them all. I still have a bunch of traps set with peanut butter but they aren't going in them. I'm thinking I'm going to have to set traps in my car to get rid of whats in there, and build a wall made of sheet metal about 2' high around my car to keep other ones out. It's very frustrating and I want to get rid of them before they do some real costly damage...Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Call an exterminator, it will be worth the money. The cost of an exterminator is far less than if the mice chew something that damages your engine.
  3. put lots of decon pellets out. Buy some of the box things where they can go in but cannot come out.
  4. I use fabric softner sheets when I store mine, they apparently don't like them and I have never had any problems.
  5. Cat in the garage?
  6. If your car is in storage, back it on to a tarp, that is a bit larger than the car. Cover the tarp with moth balls, like two boxes worth. That worked for me, when I had to store my car at a relatives house, in the country, with plenty of mice, chipmunks and squirrels afoot. I would also second putting the drier sheets all over the interior. However, the mothballs should keep them away from the car, in total.
  7. +1 on the bounce fabric softner sheets. Not sure if it is a old wise tale but I have been doing this for the last few years and seen no droppings in my car so its either a coincidence or they work but either way its pretty cheap just in case.
  8. dont get a cat those things are pretty much useless, mine sits in a bowl on top of my fridge all day and wont even go outside. we even had a mouse get loose in my house when we brought firewood in, the damn thing was running through the room, i took the damn cat and pretty much put it on top of the mouse, ****in thing walked away. damn mangy animal... not to mention they will walk all over your car. useless things.

    put the car up on jackstands and put w/e you want to deter the mice under the stands, traps, mothballs, etc. take a couple tupperware deals and fill em with mothballs and poke holes in em and leave em in the car. idk it cant be that hard i havent had any problems in my garage thank god, i know its not cuz of that stupid lazy ass cat.
  9. D-con here and there and steel wool...they'll eat the steel wool which will in turn rip their insides up and kill them (seriously).
  10. red tail boa :shrug:

  11. :rlaugh: I don't know. The place where I got my cat had what they called barn cats up for adoption. According to the way they describe it, those cats won't go inside under any circumstance.
  12. A real outside mouser cat will kick some mouse ass. Cats are killing machines when they're not pampered and spoiled by their owners.
  13. Decon is awesome. We use it at work. They eat the chit out of those pellets then they die within minutes.
  14. +1 and the great part is they go out in search for water so more than likely they won't die in your car/garage so you don't have the horrid smell
  15. LOL, mine are barn cats, swear to god, we have 4 of em and they are all friggin strays that the mom "adopted" by feeding them. now they just lay around in bowls all day.

    wish i could agree with you lol the only thing mine kill is time, sitting in that damn bowl on top of the fridge.
  16. I put Decon and other pellets don't like them. Had a mouse or some mice died between my wall and it stunk for two weeks.........Never again... Used my dog he likes to catch mice he only plays with them after they die he leaves them there......then i pick them up. never tried the moth ball and fabric sheet ..wouldn't hurt to try though there like 99c a box....compared to the damage they will cause on your car...
  17. Ouch. :eek:

    My cat is a fat lazy ass no good for nothing lovable lap cat. Oh, I love him so. :rlaugh:
  18. I put the Glue Traps around my Wheels and throw a couple bars of Irish Spring soap under the car along with moth balls.
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    My cat thinks he's a killer. At least he's in good shape from climbing his cat tree.
  20. Find you a stray cat in a ditch or something, me and my brother were coming home from the store one day and saw about 5 or 6 kittens in the road, we got out and chaced them and they all got away (but one) which only didn't get away because my clumbsey self stepped on it, that thing was so wild that I couldn't touch it for a good month at least, every time I would try to it would bite me, so I just started throwing a towel over it and I would slowly slide my hand in and pet it, after a while it was a great cat, I even had to bring it home in a little 4'' by 9'' box that I had some chicken in because I couldn't hold the damn thing, but anyways that cat would wait all day in my kitchen to catch a mouse, he caught pretty much all of our mice, he also instantly ate them:nice: only bad part was when he would be in the floor and you could literally hear the mice bones crushing and crunching as he ate them.