Need suggestions on keeping mice out of my car.

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  1. Another one for dryer sheets. Putting them under the front seats seems to keep them out of the inside of the car completely.

    Also, Mouse traps and peanut butter used to work but not with the ones in our new house. After trying a lot of stuff, I found some stuff at Lowe's. I can't remember the names and if I wasn't over here in the sandbox again, I could check up on it but the trap was a little black box that you would put bait in the back of. As soon as the mouse walked into the back, the box would teeter and the lid would close quickly behind them. They are very sensitive and I have caught a ton that way. For bait I bought some stuff in a tiny white bottle on the shelfs near the mouse traps. It was a bait and advertised to work better than peanut butter, it was a couple of bucks for a really small bottle but did the trick. Sorry can't help you out more with the names right now. I got the stuff at Lowe's.

    I was hesitant to get d-con or anything else like that because they were living in the walls of my house, i didn't want them to die in there. Our cat takes care of the ones that showed up in the basement. The mice were moving in for the winter but my wife reports no more problems since since I set all the stuff.