Need support from fellow stangers.

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  1. I hear ya about the friends issue, I was living with my girl, and my three best friends went to school out of state, and that time my dad died me and girl broke up it was a s*** time but thing's do get better trust me. It's just life messing with you. I sure these 7 page's are helpfull Ive been there! Hang in there bro :nice:
  2. thanks guys. And winter srpings, is close to orlando, sanford, altomonte, casselberry, oviedo area.
  3. did you bang her best friend yet?

    maybe you should take her best friend out for dinner to in appreciation and to thank her for being so honest and sensitive to your situation. har har. jam'mer!
  4. haha that would be a great idea if her friend looked good :eek: I would do one of them but she has a bf id rather not mess with that.
  5. Like most have said its gonna take time. And when she does come back just say GFY and be done with her. I know it is easier said than done at this point in time but given some time it won't be hard at all.

    Best thing to do to think about here less is think about that Stang more. Get those damn heads on the car :D. Like Rstang said he'll give you a hand and if he's not available I'll fill in. I did the P head swap on my 93 and its not hard just takes some time. Just shoot me a pm when you need a hand.
  6. Thanks man, Today wasent that bad, I worked very hard and kept my self occupied, of course i miss our times and i miss her, but the fact that ive tried calling her, and made it clear I want to talk, and she still has not called me back, makes me VERY mad. Of course theres that jealously like "why the hell dosent she like me anymore" but right now my anger is taking over that. So if she were to call me id be very angry, wouldnt wanna talk. Im meeting new girls, and having fun, I mostly play yahoo pool all day haha but its very entertaining.

    Oh and where do you live again? Im trying to get them on as soon as possible. Rstang is gonna do it with me, and ram360 is going to his house in october, so if he dosent know it yet hes going to help me :) But since youve done the same swap probably not too long ago, if you can do it in a day or two and your not too far from my house ill take it over there if your willing to.
  7. Damn - I haven't played yahoo pool in a while! Cool game though. I used to play a TON a while back when my daughter was born (a year ago) Let me know the next time you're on - I'll play ya!
  8. That is part of the process. Eventually you'll be over her and you can remember good times you had with her with actually wanting to be with her again. It sucks now but it will get better. All of us have been there. GL

    Hell that swap can be done in about half a day or so especially since you have no A/C. I'd say 5-6 hours tops. Pull the intake, pull the accessories off the front of the engine i.e. alt, PS pump, idler pulley. Unbolt the rockers, pull out the pushrods, pull the heads, bolt on new heads and basically put everything back on in the reverse order it came off.

    I live just south of downtown Orlando. From your place probably take 408 to I-4 west and get off at Michigan ave. Its about 3rd exit after you get on I-4. I'd say 40 minutes from you roughly
  9. im on now, in the room "and far away" my name is the1nicko
  10. The room is full...go into "bent cue"
  11. ok let me finish this game real quick whats your name ill send you an invite
  12. same as here - aaron11272
  13. sorry bro, too far away
  14. I'd help ya too mob but I don't know how the hell I'm gonna get my heads on and I live too far away also so basically what I'm sayin is I wish you well and all and that I'm a worthless piesce of poo :)
  15. haha! its the thought that counts.
  16. Mob, how are things going now for you? Are you feeling any better? What's the situation now?
  17. Don't know if it's been said already but completely ignore her from now on, as hard as it may seem. Don't let her see you all depressed. Go out with other girls and make it seem like your life is great. When she finds that out it will drive her nuts trust me. You will seem like a challenge for her to get back, and girls love that ****. But hey, if it wasn't meant to be, don't sweat it. I've been there and time heals all wounds (so do other chicks :D ). You will be fine man, just take it one day at a time.
  18. Things are alright. After we got in that fight, we didnt talk, I had sent her a message saying lets hang out and be friends and stuff, she never answered my calls or replied. So about 3 days later, i was done, had moved on, and i go to my car and on the seat there is a note and she bought me my favorite movie on dvd. All the note said was I didnt answer becuase i didnt want to fight, id love to hang out, and ill call you tomorrow. Thats it, not alot of info. So anyways, i called her that night, and I said what was the dvd suposed to mean, i was like im finally starting to move on with my life and you come back in it. I need to know if the dvd was like "hey this is one of our memories i want you to have it" or like "hey this is one of our memories, lets have more" Shes like idk i was walking around the mall and saw it so i said hey why not. I thought to myself "yea wrong answer" so i told her, im like I love my life how it is now im happy doing alot of stuff, and i still think it would be better with you in it, but im not changing my life. I told her with her in my life I pretty much couldnt live my life. We both wanted differnt things and being friends would be impossible. I told her if you ever want a relationship again or reliase how much you miss me, call me, tell me you want to hang out and ill know what you mean. But if you just want to be friends then we cant make contact. And she just said ok, and she understood. I told her it wo uld be hard for both of us but I co uldnt live like that anymore. So ive been working on my car latley, going to school, work, having fun by myself, not being dependant on other people, and of course i miss her ALL the time, but i finally have some closure to the relationship now, so im able to move on in some way. Thanks for the help guys.
  19. Good for you! It'll get easier and easier and then before you know it you'll be happier than you've ever been with or without a girl. Just stay focused on something worthwhile, learn a new skill or do something you've always wanted to do but never could because you were spending all your time with a girlfriend.
  20. I just went through the same thing a few days back...Except i was engaged to her, but for a few months prior to our breakup...i changed, i changed from who she fell in love with to someone totally different..I don't like who i have become, i promised to change, but she can't handle it, she doesn't have those type of feelings for me anymore, she loves who she fell in love with, but that person seems to no longer exist, except when i'm with her.

    It hurts so very much, like my heart was ripped out and then smashed with a hammer many times over, then thrown in a blender...yes it hurts. But somehow, i have to get over this...i don't know how i can, but somehow i have to, or i'll be miserable for the rest of my life.

    You also have to get over it, it won't be easy, i know that, but it has to be done.

    I'm 19 yrs old, not much older than you, im coming up on my 20th year...I didn't even get to have my 2nd christmas with her.

    However unlike you, my thoughts have ventured elsewhere, since i was younger i wanted to be a part of something much bigger, i wanted to join the army, and i'm going to do it. I don't have anything holding me back, and it seems like i don't have much to lose..So i'm going to do it.