Need this obnoxious Squeak found!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lynkx, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, just bought a new(to me) 5.0, and right now, the drivers side is squeaking.

    Its horrible, almost like a chalkboard.

    it will do it when im at a stop, and put my steering wheel center, and move it about 3 inches side to side.

    Also, it only seems to be on the drivers side.

    Any idea's to help me out would be great! Reason i don't think its a shock is becasue it does it even when im not driving.

    Although, when im driving, and i hit bumps, it just squeaks as much as a redneck truck!
  2. Sounds like you need a new power steering pump.
  3. My guess is ball joints. How many miles does your car have?
  4. I've had this problem for a while now and now all of the sudden....everyone else seems to be posting about it too. He's not talking about a power steering whine, it sounds like a little midget hiding in the wheel well scratching a giant fork on a giant plate. Mine squeaks the most when turning, but also has little squeaks just driving all the time over the tiniest bumps. It usually also squeaks when I get in or out of my car, or if I push down on the fender. I'm pretty sure it's my ball joints. I was going to grease them, but now I think I might just replace them or get someone to replace them, since I have heard it is a PITA and I'm sick of taking my car apart every weekend.

    BTW, anyone heard if worn out ball joints cause "memory steer"? When I turn and my steering wheel wants to stay turned like it's stuck, so I have to turn it back myself.

  5. def1eppard:

    My car had all of the same symptoms that you described when my ball joints were bad. Every little bump I drove over made the front end squeak. It also squeaked when I would turn the wheel side to side. Also, about the "memory steer" - I could never keep my car straight on the highway. I was always fighting with it. It was horrible. I guarantee that your ball joints are bad.
  6. 202,000 kms. Not miles :)

    Well, let me put this in your pipe...

    It only does it after driving a while, and it only does it withen the first 2 inches or so either way i steer it from the middle, if im father right or left, turning, it doesn't do it. So a small turn squeaks, a hard turn does not.

    Anyways, can they be lubricated? if not, what has to be replaced? the Lower control arm? A arm, whatever.

    And yes, its really annoying, its LOUD, and like a ballon rubbing on your hand :)

  7. If I remember correctly, when I turned my wheel from side to side, my car only squeaked during the first few inches of the turn. It wouldn't spueak when I went past that. When you are driving, does it feel like the front wheels "stick?" What I mean is, if you turn the steering wheel a little bit while driving, do the wheels straighten out on their own, or do you have to bring them back to center?

    The ball joints cannot be lubricated. The ball joints need to be pressed out and new ones need to be pressed in. You don't need new control arms, although if you need to replace your control arm bushings you could just buy the complete control arms with the bushings and bearings.
  8. If you are lazy, take it to a front end shop and get an estimate to fix it, they will tell you what is squeaking. I would have someone turn the wheel back and forth while I located the noise. Just be safe, chock wheels... I have removed tires and used a jack to cause clunks, enabling me to find them easily, just make sure the frame is on stands, dont get crushed.
  9. After I installed polyurethane motor mounts I had this squeek. With the engine off and cool try shaking the motor by hand, mine would squeek. Whatever you do DO NOT use silicone spray on them, this will turn them into a gooey mess! I replaced mine and now the new ones squeek but not as bad yet.

    Good Luck, Don
  10. Could be a lot of things, but mine had the same symptoms just before I put new rack bushings in. No more squeek!! I didn't replace them looking to solve the problem, I just happened to have put new "c" springs in, and wanted the offset rack bushings for better bumpsteer, it just happened to solve the squeek...
  11. Alright, how can i check for rack brushing wear?
  12. Have someone turn the wheel back on forth only a few inches and look under the car for the rack to move within the bushings. You would also feel this while driving, as there will be a VERY slight delay between turning the wheel and the car changing direction.

    If you do go with Poly bushings anywhere - GREASE them liberally.
  13. does the car have cruise control... i just switched over to a grant steering wheel and my controls for my cruise control( not the buttons but the pins and bracket behind the steering wheel) just fell out. i lost one of the pins and replaced it with one from a junkyard stang... turns out it started giving me this little creak when turning and i really havent turned hard yet so i dont know if it does it then but it is diffinetly annoying this might be your prob i know it is mine... hope i helped to finding this squeak of yours
  14. Hmmm.... this sounds kind of like it.

    If i have the car centered, and turn left or right.... it seems like it has a little resistance, and then pulls a little quicker into that direction initially.

    As for cruise, nope, no cruise :)
  15. you need a bump steer kit, and if the car is lowered, caster camber plates are a must. Steeda sells a good bump steer along with with the x2 ball joint, raises the spindle. This solved all of my problems. The bump steer kit will cost you 150 and the ball joints 100. Easy install too. Good Luck
  16. Why does he need a bump steer kit? :shrug: Read his first post. The car squeaks when it isn't moving. I'm just curious, not trying to flame.
  17. Yeah telling him he needs a bump steer kit......sounds like just another one of those catalogs telling you what to buy to fix everything. We're not talking about making his car handle better if it is lowered, we're talking about fixing his squeak.

  18. This is exactly what my car is doing now. So psuStang, you think it is the ball joints? anyone else have this problem?? Are steeda ball joints the only aftermarket ones or is it ok to just get stock generic ones again?

  19. Didnt have time to read through things but if you have headers make sure the steering knuckle isnt rubing on the header making the noise.
  20. Nah, stock.

    Its just a huge **** for me since i just bought the car, i got an awsome price, and now i know why!!

    The rear brake lines are seized as well, needing total replacment, and since they were when i bought the car, the rear brakes warped, although i know i'll gain some power back from the dragging brakes when i fix em :)

    That, and i was told it had a new exhaust, although the 2 big holes in the flowmasters look newer then the exhaust :bs:

    Ah well, for 3500 canadian, i assumed some things would be wrong, im just pissed they lied alot.

    As for the sqeak, i have a freind with a couple car hoists, hes going to take a look this weekend or sooner, it really just sounds like rubber, nothing metal to metal, so im hoping its a cheap fix, one less worry for the bloody winter.