Need this obnoxious Squeak found!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lynkx, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Judging by what you have described I really think it's the ball joints, but don't just take my word for it. When mine were squeaking I sprayed some WD-40 on them as a temporary fix. The squeaking stopped for a short time and I knew that the ball joints were bad. I suggest spraying yours to see if the squeaking stops. That way you can be sure the ball joints are the problem.

    I can't really recommend any replacement ball joints. The ball joints that were installed on my car have a grease fitting and they work great.
  2. grease poly bushings with what?

    So what should you use to grease them with? The guy at Checker told me to use ONLY silicone (like the spray can of silicone stuff). However, I saw a post from someone who used silicone spray on their poly engine mounts and they turned to "a gooey mess". I would assume you just don't use the standard generic grease for most other standard rubber bushing.
  3. I was the one who posted that about my Energy Suspension (ES) motor mounts and I think the propellent used in the silicone spray attacks the Polyurethane because it would boil on the mounts after being sprayed on. But the spray did turn them into a gooey mess. I ended up with a new replacement set of motor mounts and they squeeked also, I called Energy Suspension and told them about the squeeking and the silicone spray messing up my old set. Anyway they finally recommended that I use boat trailer waterproof grease to lube them with. The stuff I have used is blue in color and works great and no negative effects so far after 3 months. It took a couple of days driving 15 miles to and from work for it to work it's way into stop the squeeking.

    I also have ES swaybar bushings and I put the silicone lube they provided on them and they work fine with no degradation. I also used the provided silicone lube on my Maximum Motorsport LCAs and they are working fine. I don't know where to get lube gun tubes of that special silicone grease, but it is safe to use boat wheel bearing waterproof grease instead.

  4. so Lynkx, did you ever find out what the problem was? When I changed brakes on my LX 5.0, my calipers ended up hitting my draglites and scraping the hell out of the inside and it sounded kinda like a scraping/squeaky noise type of thing only when I had the wheels turned and moving...just throw that out there. I ended up getting 1/4 inch wheel spacers and it fixed it. I really don't know why it did that because I had the same setup as before, just new pads...either way it's fixed now