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  1. You realize that's homemade right? :shrug:
  2. he needs the sensor, his old one got fugged up.
  3. lol how do u mess up a mass air??? anyways u can pull one at any picapart for ~30$
  4. you don't want to know.
  5. I do :shrug:
  6. :stupid:
  7. lol ill tell u me and my friend bought a fenderwell 5.0 cold air intake.. we figured it would work if we cut the mass air out and left the middle so that the... sensor was still their then we took the other sensor and drilled a hole for it where it was supposed to go ... and we mounted them both we started it up and it was ight... and then it stalled we were gettin to much air... so we taped off the mass air sensor so that it would only allow so much its air its fine now but its ghetto lol i want to replace it do the body then just drop a engine more half acein it i learned my lesson. So if people could help me find that part id appreciate it thank you..

    We wanted to try something new didnt work i got screwed ...? :shrug:
  8. The reason most people don't try that is because they research it a little, and learn that they shouldn't. Not trying to critcise, it's hard not to, but don't **** with things you don't understand and you won't sckrew yourself. I'd vote for the previously suggested junkyard part :nice:
  9. I'm trying to understand here....

    Did you "bore" out the original Mass Air and then put the sensor back into it?


    did you just put the sensor into the new tube?
  10. no they cut the metal body of the MAF up, Basically they cut everything off except the electronics, and then mounted it on there intake pipe.
  11. I'm still not following you.

    Are you talking Only External pieces were cut off of the Mass Air?


    Were there internal pieces taken out?
  12. they didn't so much remove the electronics. just used a hacksaw to cut all of the metal of the MAF off except for the bits right around where the electronics attached to the body of the MAF.
  13. So basically they just cut the mounting bracket off of the MAF and mounted it along with the sensor onto the new pipe?
  14. from my information I believe they did not just cut off the flange, they basically cut the top of the maf sensor off. the round par that all the air flows through is no longer there.

    like in this picture.
    the flat part on the top was cut off. and the center part that all the air flows through is gone.
  15. Come on! You cant get on somebody for tryin. Its his stuff to mess up, so if he wants to "sckrew" himself thats his choice. I think thats why he's in here asking for help...hes not askin for people to rip on him:notnice:.I'm sure he realizes he probably shouldnt have just started hackin' but if you dont do that once or twice you'll never figure out the right way to go about things. Sorry, but I'm just tired of people that rag on others in here. And being new to this forum, and the 2.3 turbos, I'm speaking from experience.
  16. Do you have a pic of the inside?
  17. Like this?

  18. Well i gave my advice, but as was said gotta do a little more research before you just go head first into a project. Hacking up a mass air censor is not the brightest idea, but now u know..that censor was designed/calibrated for the diameter housing it was in. If you had a pre mass air(speed density) you wouldnt have this problem...well u live you learn, sometimes learning cost $$$. :)
  19. I'm totaly not raggin' on him. If I was what I said would have been alot more offensive. I was just saying that he should do some research. Not trying to **** with anyone just pointing out a fundamental part of modifying a vehicle without screwing it up that was apperently ignored. I was impressed that he found a way to make it work if that makes you feel better.