Suspension Need To Replace Steering Rack, Would Like Suggestions

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  1. On my 94 cobra the steering rack is leaking something vicious. Can any of you guys make a recommendation for the best brand to get and the most reasonably priced place to get a replacement steering rack (I do not really want to get one from the junkyard)?

    Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. A 2003-2004 Cobra rack is the most desirable for the SN95 cars. Actually the 00R one is more desirable, but they are made of unobtainium.
  3. this. but even 03-04 cobra racks are difficult to find. you need one that says SPR-ZM. reason being it has a tighter turn ratio. I did this swap bout 4 years ago now. i have to be honest and say i'm not sure it made much of a difference with stock a-arms. granted though, the car was down for the winter and it's not my DD so it's not a true comparison.
  4. Thanks gents and lol @ "unobtanium" I am using that. Any idea where I can pick one of these up at? Summit, 50resto?...
  5. Most autopart stores will have them. I know summit has those racks also

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  6. I went with an AGR rack when I replaced mine and I’m extremely happy with it. My rack wasn't worn out but it felt like it had a dead spot at the center of the wheel travel which made it sort of scary to drive. I noticed an immediate improvement after I installed the AGR rack. (The new rack didn’t completely fix the vague steering feel that seems to plague our cars. That took new A-arm with new bushings and a solid Borgeson steering shaft.)

    I purchased mine through Summit, but a friend of mine called AGR directly and had them build up an extremely low-lash rack for his race car. I think they also offer different turn ratios depending on how you want yours setup.

    Just in case you haven’t swapped one of these racks before: keep in mind that you’ll need to replace the Teflon seals on the PS fluid hoses. These are a pain to install without a special bullet-nose too to expand them over the fitting threads without having the threads tear up the seals. You might want to find a local parts store that can loan you the special tools (there are two sizes needed) before you tear into your car.