need to see some tinted stangs (preferably red -> Rio Red)

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  1. I wanna get tinted but dont know how far i want to go. As i have never seen a stang with 50% tint i would like to see some pics of that

    any tint pics will do tho, LIST THE PERCENTAGES PLEASE!!!

    have fun whoring your cars, thanks!
  2. Dont know the %, it was on the car when I got it. Its F'kin dark though, took me a while to get used to it when driving at night.



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  3. yea thats WAY too dark lol i have a freind who has really dark tint too, one of the first nights he had it he almost ran a person over at a stop light cuz he couldnt see cuz it was so dark

  4. Looks like 5% tint to me:shrug:

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  5. +1

    10% at the MOST.. but it could very possibly be 5%. Looks good tho :nice:
  6. Check my garage its 22%.:nice:
  7. outlaw what percent is that!? it looks perfect

    + a bazillion for RR cars, we dont have a registry do we? :scratch:
  8. your pics arent that big, i cant really make them out:(

  9. Looks about like mine...22%
  10. if thats what you think it is, thats what I'll tell people :shrug: I just know its a **** to see through, it looks good, and it needs re-done soon :nonono:
  11. awesome guys thanks!

    anyone rollin with 50%? :shrug:
  12. 35% with mirror finish


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  13. 50% is hardly anything, I wouldn't recommend it. It's close to stock tint anyways.

    But I have no pics to back it up :(
  14. If you look at that white car in Helty's pics.. it's 35% :D

    It's not that great of an angle to see the tint on it tho, but i have more pics.. altho it's not red
  15. 50% would be a waste of your money!!! it would look like your windows were a little dirty. i would go at least 20%, mione are 5% and i wouldnt change it for anything!
  16. Im not sure, it was on there when I bought it. But I would say its 35%.
  17. I don't have many pictures of my car with the top up. These are kinda old.

    Mine is 35% in the front side windows and darker in the rear quarters and rear window. Not sure what the back percentage is but it's pretty dark. I could only do the ASP1 "eyebrow" on the windshield. Everything within Nevada law (where I had it done)

    ON EDIT: Okay... the lower the percentage the darker?

    Here's a link to each State's law regarding tinting.

    And "Yes" we do need a RR registry... :SNSign:



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