Need to sell a few parts

Gone in 60

New Member
Sep 6, 2020
Southern California
Hi all,

I love Mustangs, but haven't owned one for a few years. My last was an '02 GT that was set up as a track day car.

Cleaning up my garage, I've got a few parts that I'd like to move along, and will be listing in the classifieds. I've got a 2001 Bullitt dash cluster and ECU, a Pro 5.0 Shifter for a T-56, and a chin spoiler for a '99-'04.

I'm in Orange County, CA, and hope to get another Mustang once the world settles down a bit, and I know that my job and situation in general is solid. For now, I'm still driving Blue Oval with a Fiesta ST.

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