Need *urgent* help - new 04 stang!

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  1. So,
    I'm extremely happy today.. got a wonderful deal for 13k - 2004V6 mustang with 16k miles on it. The first thing I'm thinking of doing is exhaust. Although I don't know anything about how to install or even the specific pipes that surround it, I've narrowed it down to Bassani or Magnaflow :p I have the following questions before I even look further / buy.

    1. Once I purchase the certain exhaust off the internet who's going to install it for me in Florida? (I know alot of you guys are in FL so :p, I might hve a job for you).

    2. Does anyone have sound or video clips of these 2 specific exhaust systems?

    3. What exact specifications would I need for my car nad the exhaust?

    4. Are there any other novice ways of adding sound and power to the car.

    3,500 max.
  2. Though they will not add HP, consider installing 4.10 gears and a T-Lok, and if your '04 is an automatic, consider buying a flash tuner. They really wake up an automatic transmission and will also correct the speedometer/odometer for rear gear ratio changes. My wife's Mustang is a '04 V6 automatic, and it has true dual exhaust (GT takeoff), K&N FIPK, and 4.10's/T-Lok, and is used as a daily driver.
  3. Sounds good. I'll take your advice and hold off on the procharger or supercharger. That being said I have no idea what you're talking about in reference to the 4.10 gears and a T-Lok?

    In reference to the flash tuner; could you give me a link to the one you installed? Is it user-friendly, and novice oriented or should I have the professionals do it?

    Any additional information or links would be helpful.

  4. If you are seriously thinking about a SC ($$$) in the future, also consider 3.73 rear gears, but if you are going to keep the engine naturally aspirated, go with 4.10 rear gears. The stock rear gears in the 2004 are 3.27, and they are mounted on an open 7.5" differential. Power is delivered to only one rear wheel with an open differential. A T-Lok is a limited-slip differential, through which power is delivered to both rear wheels. Changing the rear gear ratio to 3.73's or 4.10's on the stock differential will result in more wheel spin than including a T-Lok along with the gear change. 8.8" T-Lok differentials come standard on all '99-'04 V8 model Mustangs, but are also available at a reasonable price for the 7.5" rear end. Look here:

    For a flash tuner, I would recommend the SCT XCal2. I personally use a Diablo Predator, but the XCal 2 has received good reviews since its' release and, more importantly, Diablo never came out with a tuner compatible with the '04 3.9L V6. This SCT dealer has gotten excellent reports on other sites with respect to tunes for the V6:

    BTW the flash tuner will not be necessary until you install your mods, but certainly won't hurt to use on a stock car. They are very easy to use yourself.
  5. ^^^^ Good words! I'm very happy with my set-up, and using the SCT X-Cal tuner is very easy!! check sig.....
  6. steer clear of bassani
  7. Amen, flows da way to go.
  8. The LiveWire is pretty much a tuner wrapped up in a GTech Pro unit. There's a lot of debate as to the accuracy of the HP/TQ readings from these types of products. The xCal2 is very easy to use, just tune and put it away. The LiveWire may be more than you need. If you get the xCal, get it from Justin at VMP Tuning. He's very nice and his tunes are very good. I highly recommend going with an 87 gas mileage tune, it works wonders!
  9. Sounds good.. whatever saves me money I'm fine with :) I'll probaby go with the recommendation. Does justin have a username on stangnet or email I can contact him with further inquiries?
  10. What are the main benefits / performance increases with the 87 gas mileage tune?
  11. I'm mainly looking for a HP gain but at the same time I dont want to it kill my gas mileage, as its bad already :(
  12. As far as the exhaust goes I've decided magnaflow. Does anyone recommend any particular type or should I just by one of those kits and find a place to install it?
  13. It's one of the 3 tunes you can have from VMP. It adjusts the timing to increase the engine efficiency. Performance tunes advance the timing among other things. I'm pushing 400 miles per tank running the 87 performance tune. I've always gotten pretty good mpg with this car anyway though. Whenever you want the power you are looking for (e.g. running at the track, dyno, etc), just fill up with the appropriate octane gas and change your tune.
  14. my GAWD you want to spend $3,500 max and your thinking about EXHAUST? :nonono:

    you can pick up an entire eaton SC setup for your car on ebay for less than 1 grand. You can have the car nicely tuned for another thousand dollars. Then you have fast v6 sleeper. Just my 2 cents...
  15. Alright thanks guys. Justing recommended the 93 gas mileage tune? In other news, does anyone know of a site where I can search for some exhaust shops near me? I can't seem to find any located near me except for the one near miami. Any ideas near zip code 33067?
  16. I'm also looking for a place to get the tint done? :)
  17. That's the primary intent of a getting a tune for a Mustang in my opinion - performance. I would personally run exclusively with the 93 octane performance tune and not use the 87 octane tune(s) if I bought a SCT from VMPTuning.