Need *urgent* help - new 04 stang!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by mlindine, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Yes make one of your tunes the 93 perf. But for a daily driver there's no way I'd drive on it all day... only weekends ;)
  2. Understandable insofar as regular is $.20 cheaper than premium, but why not drive on it all day?
  3. Magnaflow already has a location finder on thier website, hit that up to find a reputable shop.
  4. Well I'm sure you've figured out by now that I'm stingy with the gas. :D I also find that I better keep my ledfoot under control on the 87 tune. Plus there's not much benefit for me having a performance tune when I spend 70 miles on the highway to and from work. Just my choice, you guys drive however you want! :owned:
  5. i don't know where you are in florida but a great speed shop in the bay area is Coastal Chassis Dyno, Sam, the owner tuned my mach. here's his number if you're interested. 813-849-2423.

    Oh, and DO NOT, go with a 4.10 gear in your V6, I did that with mine and I wanted to shoot myself cause I was running out of gear in the high end and could barely break 100mph with out having to worry about my motor blowing. 3.73 will be much better if you HAVE to do a gear, but do the T-Lok at the same time.

    intake, catback exhaust and tuner are 3 very easy/cheap/basic ways to get power
  6. A Mustang is meant to be driven, shall we say, agressively. :D

    Regardless, a "performance tune" does not mean that decent gas mileage becomes a thing of the past, or that installing a performance tune will turn an otherwise conservative driver into a speed maniac. I drive to work over a hundred miles round trip myself and don't see any reason to not use a performance tune, but do as you feel you must. :owned:
  7. Haha true, but aggressively safe these days. ;) I also have an 87 performance tune in addition to my higher octane tune. Oddly enough I haven't used it yet.
  8. i hope 183 rwhp, 213 rwtq arent the numbers you have on a 93 octane tune or even 91
  9. Try out the 87 octane performance tune some time and report back if you experience any pre-detonation.
  10. What numbers do you get with that tune? Is there an intake system that doesnt make a mustang sound like a rice burner?
  11. intake system??? nope. as for exhaust, go H-pipe and chambered mufflers IE Flowmasters 40 series.
  12. hey all joo 00-04 guys in the 180-190 HP ratings how much did you pick up from a tune (87-93) don't care the octane just lookin' to get an idea.
  13. An intake (CAI) by itself isn't going to have much effect on sound or performance, but will to a greater extent if you add a true dual exhaust system, especially one that includes an aftermarket X-pipe. I haven't heard a V6 that sounds quite as bad as a rice burner, and although they are not going to sound as good as a V8 with the same mods regardless of what you do, there is nothing shabby about the sound from a V6 even when adding a true dual exhaust system, say, as basic as a GT takeoff with a midpipe fabricated from behind the stock cats.
  14. Any other help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. The Magnaflow catback referenced in your link is not the way to go. It does not eliminate the constriction of the stock Y-pipe from your exhaust, which should be the real point in converting to dual exhaust in the first place, but instead only gives the "look" of true dual exhaust for a relatively large amount of money.
  16. 1000hp
  17. Could you kindly provide me a link you would recommend me to buy for my magnaflow exhaust?
  18. Joo? 10-15hp for me (91 tune). It really kicked my torque up a good bit.
  19. Any catback that will fit a '99-04 GT will fit your car, whether it be Magnaflow or some other brand, if you have a muffler shop fabricate a midpipe or buy an aftermarket midpipe made to fit a V6. The site you referenced above will have them. Incidentally, the the Steeda exhaust in the link you posted will work, but once again, you must modify your midpipe to use it.