Need *urgent* help - new 04 stang!

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  1. Can you provide a link as to what I need to buy?
  2. Heres the various arguments I've gotten and I'll quote them..

    "What the hell does an auto have to do with it? However, don't exhaust a V6 :) Send the money to me to put on my V8. :yes:

    But in all seriousness, that's a sharp looking car. 2004 correct? Don't do intake, it'll be as worth your money as time as flushing it down the toilet and watching it spin. That car isn't going to respond to bolt ons no matter what you do. Exhaust will let it flow a little, but it wont do too much unless you do FULL exhaust (longtube headers, o/r mid pipe, and a catback), and even then it's not going to make it any faster. And a tune? Really, just trust me in telling you that no matter what you do to that thing you're not going to make it any faster short of F/I or a full engine swap. You'll just spend a lot of money for no reason. Save the money and get a GT for your next car. Just enjoy having that car for now and take care of it. Do some exterior mods if you want, as long as you don't try to make it look faster or ricey, becuase in the end it's still got the 3.8 inside. For tint I'd say 20% is usually what most people like the most, however check with your laws to see if you'll even pass inspection with 20%. I know here in NC the darkest I can get is 35% so I'll probably go tell a doctor that I'm scared of skin cancer and get a note/perscription for darker tint. Another thing that I've seen that looks REALLY good is a light (like maybe 35%) chrome mirror tint with not TOO much reflectivity. Too much and it looks like rice, just right and it looks REALLY clean. I'm thinking about doing that on mine since it looks really good on black. Also, make sure to use a reputable tinter. Make sure they are aware of the dots on the back window and have a plan to deal with them rather than just slapping the tint over them half assed and having it peel off in a year.

    Anyway, congrats though, welcome to the Mustang world. If you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to help you, though I have a GT so I may not be the best with the V6 engine."

    The 3.8 v6 has plenty of potential. I've seen one in action and it really moves... It got 13.56 in a 1/4 mile.

    Do some research... I'm guessing the guy had to spend big bucks... but I'm sure you can get better performance on that engine for a reasonable price..."

  3. Using the same vendor (American Muscle) you referenced earlier:

    Use one of the catted X or H pipes (assuming you must pass emissions testing) or use the adapter, which welds on behind your stock cats, or simply have a muffler shop fabricate a midpipe from behind your stock cats.

    You can use any GT catback with the midpipe setups above. You can also use a GT takeoff catback from a '99-'04 model (search eBay). Instructions for doing so are detailed in this link: With either aftermarket or takeoff catbacks, you will need a right-side muffler hanger and two exhaust tip hangers, with speednuts. Your car already has the correct mounting locations/holes for these.
  4. Magna's sound really good on v8's, but for our v6's, meh. I'm telling ya, Flows is da way to go. But its your money. Post sound clips when you get done.
  5. DO go with 4.10's if you're going to invest in a rear gear change. They will perform fine in a V6, especially a daily driven one. If you believe all the horror stories and settle for less, then you might want to shoot yourself.
  6. I have seen other people also report that SLP loudmouths don't sound good on a V6. Like you recommended though, Flows have gotten nothing but good reports.
  7. Do you have any good sound clips of flow's on a V6 04? Can't seem to find any?

    There's also one in my garage, but that's from when they were brand new... they've since aged and burned out a bit and sound a lot better.
  9. None whatsoever! Which is saying a lot for my car. It used to have bad problems with pre-detonation, but I've been pretty pro-active in the past year and haven't had any issues with it.
  10. My wife's '04 V6 had some pre-detonation issues with both the 87 octane and 93 octane performance tunes that came pre-loaded on a Superchips Max Microtuner bought a couple of years ago. I recently switched to an XCal 2 from VMP Tuning and so far so pinging and good performance.
  11. Alright guys, appreciate all the help!

    It's looking like I'm going to head with Give me TP's advice with this (when their in stock)

    Since there is a ridiculous amount of GT-takeoffs located at I'm having trouble picking out which one will sound the best. Should I be listening the the clips of GT's to determine which one to buy? My question for you is, if you had to pick at of ALL of those there for a 04 v6 what would you go with?
  12. NO. You should not be listening to GT sound clips as you will be disappointed when you get it installed and go.."hey, it doesn't sound the same!"

    I'd go with any of the two side exhaust kits from Steeda or Roush. I always thought they look pretty cool.
  13. Correct the use of one term in your post; a GT takeoff is literally a stock catback taken off of a GT with OEM exhaust. The ones you are looking at on the website are aftermarket GT catbacks
  14. They will work; the only "complaint" I would voice is the high price tag on the Roush catback