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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just to give a quick story, I have owned 14 Mustangs, 3 being Shelby's with my current being a 2009 Shelby GT500KR. I don't really drive that car as it is a garage queen. I have purchased 20 new cars since 2000 and have never kept one more than 8 months. Yes, I have a car problem. Now I want a daily driver for the next 2 years until the new 2015 Mustang comes out. So I went to purchase a Mini Roadster and put the order in. A few hours later the dealer informed me that the rims on the car were back ordered and will not be available until June. As I test drove the car I had a gut feeling that this was just not what I wanted, especially being a Mustang guy, so when he told me about the rims that was my out and I cancelled the order. So I decided I have to get another Mustang and was going purchase a nice Kona blue 5.0 at the dealer in the next few days. Now....knowing that I am going to sell it when the new one comes out I saw a nice 2012 V6 Sterling Grey, MCS (203A) Mustang with the 19" wheels V6 PP on the lot tonight. Knowing that I'm waiting for the 15 I am seriously contemplating this vehicle. I could save thousands and have some fun. It's just hard IMO to purchase a Mustang that is not V8 but this car has more HP than my 06 Vista I had. And much better gas mileage. So my question is what do you guys think knowing this and what kind of mods could I do (not crazy) to jack it up and have more fun. Would a tune, exhaust and CAI make this V6 better. And do you recommend this model with the timeframe and theory I have?? Especially with the discounts now?? This is the window sticker...

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  2. Do GT's hold their value better than v6's over two years?
  3. i have an 05 v6 and i love this car. it doesnt have the top end of the gt's but it'll get the jump on almost anything on the line. plus the gas mileage out on the highway is very impressive. the only downfall is that some of he accessories they make for the gt's they dont have for the v6. but with an intake, tune and exhaust they can hold their own out on the road.
  4. Get the V6. It is a nice car. The Performance Pack give it some nice kick. Probably as good or better as my old '99 Cobra.