Suspension Need Wheel Width Help

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  1. instead of going 5 lug and rear disk im thinking about just getting some replica sc wheels in 4 lug. my question comes with regard to getting some 17x10 rear wheels and if they will fit. right now my stang is at stock height but i know im going to want it lower and am concerned about having to roll the fenders so the tires wont rub. anyone have experience in this area? will the wheels fit? i assume i will have to remove the quad shocks and upgrade the control arms? what about the front the ones im looking at are 17x9?
  2. Yes 17 x 10 wheels will fit with the right backspacing. Go to American Muscle or Tire rack and they have the correct size wheels and charts.
  3. I was considering ordering wheels and tires from late model restoration so I would assume since they only have them in 17x9 and 17x10 that they are the right wheels. Anyone have any recommendations for rear control arms so I can do away with the quad shocks?
  4. Max motorsports
  5. Which max motorsports do I need there are like 4 different options all at different price ranges. Theres I guess their standard set and then theres their extreme duty set and each one of those has another option of being adjustable?
  6. I belive its their mm1? Cal them and speak with them. The adjustable ones are good to dial in yur ride height but not a necessity. I have the standard ones that are about $250.
  7. are the MM control arms that much better than say BBK or the SVE control arms? late model has upper and lower SVE's on sale right now for $120 for the entire kit with hardware. i do understand you get what you pay for most of the time but they seem to have very good reviews, their only half the price of the MM's, and also include uppers.
  8. Yes they are better- IMO probably the best on the market. The SVE are their house brand arms, probably repackaged GMS. The SVE are poly bushings on both ends which lead to binding and the quality is no where near the MM ones. It's your money so spend it how you like. I have never seen one person in 20 years complain about MM parts. For uppers- you can keep your stock arms if in good shape, or replace the bushings with new rubber ones. No need for anything more on most DD cars. MM even recommends that. If you don't want to spend the money on the MM then at least look at Steeds or J&M arms. They are much better than the SVE. However, I would save up and buy the MM ones. Look around as you can sometimes score a used set.
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  9. Here's my '93 coupe on 17x10 Pony Rs. (275/40-17 M/T DRs)


    It hooked HARD on those, and I think it sat kinda nice.
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  10. 17x10 in the rear with 275/40/17's.

    You will have to roll the fenders, you will have to remove the quad shocks, you will need to "massage" the inner fender area with a BFG and you will have to "tweak" your tailpipes.

    ...otherwise, they fit fine.

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  11. MM also has really good deals around christmas time. I know it's a ways away but I got a set of the Extreme Duty Adj. LCA's for MM for $259 :nice:. I'm just waiting for christmas time again :banana:
  12. i really dont want to roll the fenders on my car, have to mess with my tailpipes (took forever to get them perfect), or massage my fender wells at all. i knew about the quad shocks and as im considering replacing almost everything suspension related on my car i wasnt to worried about that. is all that really necessary to be able to fit a 275 tire? if it is i might just have to make do with a 17x9 and some 255/40R17's. i also forgot to add that my tailpipes are 3" so their already a tight fit as it is. there is tire room but not a whole lot. currently the car only has 245's on it and their 16's.
  13. Don't do the 10s then. I have the 17 x 10 cobra replicas and removed the quads, BFH'd the inner fender wells and messed with my exhaust. I didn't roll the fenders though. I'm really close on angled driveways but only hit the inner tire when I do that. Hope this helps.
  14. If I have to hammer out the inside wheel well a little it wont be the end of the world, I just really dont want to roll the fenders. I have had bad experiences with doing them on Hondas.
  15. Its not that big of a deal, im running 18x10 sc wheels on rear with 295s. All I did was remove 2014-06-16 11.55.21.jpg r.q. shocks nd got the fenders rolled professionally $40 bucks for the extreme pull & roll
  16. If you can get the wheel you like in a 9, do so.
    10's aren't worth the trouble.

    Plan on rolling the fenders regardless, the rear on a fox moves pretty far, eventually it's going to rub somewhere, and if that somewhere is an unrolled fender you may cut the tire.

    If you want to be safe, plan on using somewhere around a 265 tire.