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  1. First of all, sorry I dont have a fox, but if I put this in the S197 section I know the only responses I will get is "leave your hood stock..." Plus you guys have always made me feel more at home. I can always put a stock hood back on later if I outgrow my change, but for now I feel like doing something different (call me stir crazy). I am stuck between two options. The first is just cutting vents and putting screen under it, but layed out like the hood on the Brabus Bullit:


    The other is a Boss 429 hood scoop. Ever since GAS put it on their Boss 429 inspired widebody, I have loved the way it sits a top the rise on my stock hood. Plus, I love seeing a scoop or cowl from the driver's seat when piloting a mustang.


    The Brabus vents are very sleek, but I just havent been able to get the scoop out of my head. I would cut out the hood under the scoop to actually allow air flow into the engine bay as well, so either route will help lower engine bay temps. What say you folks? See my car below.

  2. i like the red one....
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  3. If you must...add a scoop. I would not cut real vents unless you don't care about water in the engine compartment. I like the shaker set-up look myself.
  4. Agreed. For a non daily driver, open hoods are great. I keep mine out of any bad weather. Engine bay is clean enough to eat off of. And, the red one looks good
  5. Its not my daily, that dirty assed imprezza behind it is my daily. Im leaning toward the Boss scoop, as it just looks like it was made to fit on the raised portion of the hood. Gearhead, I too like a shaker hood, but the scoop looks tiny on these cars, and its $800 versus a couple hundred for a new Boss style. Not to mention the engine mounts dont allow the engine to move in the slightest, so the shaker does not shake. :confused:
  6. yea i like the red one
  7. Vents...have someone photoshop it first to see if you like it.
  8. ""leave your hood stock.""

    Now go hang out w/ your S197 pukes.;)
  9. Cutting vents on anything that is going to be driven on a daily basis is a bad idea i think. Done that and regreted it. Its easy to say you wont get anything in there until you go and do it and then ur like :eek:......:doh: How the hell did a cigarette butt get in there!!! I like the boos scoop the best! Good luck either way!
  10. leave it stock
  11. The S197 guys sent me over here to tell you to leave it stock, and get back home... :eek:

    Here's one vote against the Boss... That thing is friggin huge, and on top of the stock hood bump it'll look like something off a Mopar. It doesn't look as big now, because it's on a car with those incredibly large and distracting flares, but on your car it will look like the new Challenger snorkel thingy.

    I like the louvers, and I've got no issues with an open hood on a DD. Doesn't seem to cause any problems on my 13.

    Can't tell from the pic; your car looks black, but I was thinking it was DIB. If I were you, I'd take a look at the flat black accent "stripe" that they make that covers the factory hood bump. It's not a "scoop", but it makes the factory bump stand out more... They may make it in white too; that'd really change the color scheme of your car, but it would certainly "pop!"

    Another thought: Take a look at the deep draw hoods that Shelby is putting on the GT350 GTS. I really like the look; am trying to figure out how to incorporate something like that into my 67 hood.

    Oh, and all your old SN95 buds all said you should go with the 6" cowl. :D
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  12. There goes another one of your illegitimate children in CB, buddy.

    Husky, if I could find the Shelby GTS heat extractor hood on the retail market, I would buy it in a second. No one makes one to buy outright right now, at least not that I can find... Again guys, this is not my DD, I am not worried about it sitting in the rain, as it is basically a garage queen. I never thought about the fact that GAS' car is a wide body, and that scoop may be super tall looking on my car, although I could cut it down some. Im not really one for accent decals. My car is black, and the only thing I would consider is flat black accents if any. I bought the heat extractor vent from the new GT500's and had an idea with it, but I wanted to be even more different than that.
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  13. I would think that if you did the scoop and cut it out allowing air to be forced into the engine compartment while your driving then it would reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. I did see a mineral gray 197 today that had the old school bulge style hood that did look slick.
  14. Wasn't sure if you could buy just the hood or not. So just go ahead and pay CS $10k for that hood, and they'll throw in a bunch of cool free stuff and a new CS number as a bonus. :jester:

    I get where you're coming from though. I'm in much the same place with my 67. I want something different than what everyone else has done. Probably going to have to make it myself.
  15. What about the 2013 California Special Mustang hood vents?


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  16. Hood scoops that just dump air in the engine bay sometimes hurt cooling more than help it. The reason is because the scoop, if high enough, creates higher pressure that may stop the airflow through the radiator.

    Cowl vent hoods work so well because they take advantage of the low pressure area right in front of the windshield and suck air through the radiator.

    If you reason for wanting the vents/scoops is cooling, well there are more effective means to do so.

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  17. GAS429_zps4ca6f7b2.jpg

    I honestly cannot decide if I like this or not. I have a real appreciation for what went into this but this particular wide body looks like a caricature rendition of an S197 to me. Those brake vents in the rear quarter are awesome though.

    Anyway... back on topic. I don't like hood scoops. Not because of how they look but because of how they function. Shakers, I get. That air goes into the inlet tract. Hood scoops however, force air out of the engine bay and underneath the car. Air that would otherwise have gone OVER the top of the car. Vents on the other hand, (if they're located correctly) redirect air over the car that would have otherwise gone under the car. Probably not as big of a deal on a New Edge as it is on my Fox but my thought process here is about functionality over looks.

    So whatever you decide to do for looks... At least let the functionality be your tie breaker. You should at least look and see where the high and low pressure areas on your hood so that you know if air will entering or exiting the engine bay. The closer you install vents to the base of the windshield, the more likely those vents will be pulling air INTO the engine bay instead of OUT.

    With air scoops, there's really no question. Air will be going into the engine bay. Not an ideal situation to me, at least.
  18. You speak the truth my friend. I am not really doing it for the functionality, as I am natural aspirated and dont have any sort of heat issues to combat. At the same time, I dont want to create a heat issue by disrupting the air flow in the engine bay. Hmmm, now you have me thinking. I may end up sticking with my heat extractor vent idea from the GT500. At least I know it will be functional, and no one else has posted any pics of doing what I am thinking of.
  19. I dont think they would look as good on either side of the bulge on my hood, and too close together if I were to put them on top of the bulge. Works on the flat hood of the '13 though.

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  20. Keep the stock hood - your car already has a simple, clean look. I see too many people throwing on too many exterior mods and it just starts to look cheesy. Especially where I live; there must be a competition on how much crap can be stuck on the exterior of a Cummins or Power Stroke.

    And those Galpin Mustangs are hideous!
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