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  1. i bought this car a few years ago and started finishing the restoration. I just wanted to drive it. It was a show car in the late 80's and the owner died while he was redoing it again. His family sold it and it ended up in storage for nearly a decade until i got it.

    I went to sell it a few months ago, because i can't afford to finish it anymore, and now I have no idea where the title is, just my bill of sale. It wasnt in the name of the guy i bought it from, but rather the deceased previous owner. The title was signed, and i have apparently lost it before i had the chance to transfer it in my name.

    I contacted the secretary of state, and they set me up to do the paperwork for a bonded title, which would be okay, except the car has NO VIN on it anywhere. it was a bare metal restoration at one point and they didn't put any of the tags back on.

    So now it seems my only option is to find a rusted out, ready-to-junk '66 mustang and take the VIN tags and title from it for my car, which is in very good shape. I'm also considering keeping her now, but I still need a title to get plates for it.

    Anyone have a line on something that could help?

  2. Even if the VIN tags are off the car, there are still hidden VIN numbers on a '66. Pull off the passenger fender, look back towards the hood hinge, there should be a hidden VIN up under there on the fender apron.

    I don't recommend finding a titled shell and just swapping the VIN/tags over to your car. That just screams "potential lawsuit" to me.
  3. if you live in california and it's been out of the system for 10 years, i think you can just reregister it in your name
  4. i havent actually looked under the fender by removing it, but i did take a good look. i guess i have to dig deeper.

    ive seen people do it before swapping vin numbers on nearly identical cars, i dont see what could go wrong unless i sell it to someone by misleading them that its a matching numbers vehicle.

    i dont think illinois has a contingency for old cars without a title. i'll have to look into that. maybe indiana has something along those lines.

    thanks guys
  5. if you can find the vin a company called florida fast title can get you the title for around $200 or $250 sent to you in your name. i have used them if they can not help you they might know someone that can in your state. here are the requirements. i have used them in the past,


    We have various programs available for assisting with antique vehicles. If you do not see your scenario below, please call our office to discuss what is available for you.

    Florida Resident/Florida Address


    Vehicle must be 30+ years of age
    Your must have a notarized Bill of Sale from Seller
    Vehicle Identification Number must be visible for inspection

    If you meet this criteria, we can assist you with obtaining a Florida Title in your name. Please complete the questionnaire below, once we receive this information we will customize a package for you with instructions and email or fax it to you. This process takes approximately 5 days.


    also try a search on google for there are places like alabama title but they charge around $500.00 for title but it may be worth it to you. :SNSign:
  6. Vehicle Identification Number must be visible for inspection, i had local law enforcement office to check the vin on fender. i got my title in about 2 weeks then i got a marti-auto report then i had a vin restamped finished. :SNSign:
  7. Wow! Florida Fast Title. I have to make a note of that. I haven't had a problem obtaining titles for any of my vehicles so far, but this is good information for me, being here in Florida.

    My brother used a place in Alabama manymany years ago when he got a 1969 Formal Roof Ford Cobra (Fairlane) from me when I was going through a divorce. It was a moving and storage auctioned vehicle that my mom bid on and won, that had no title, that I got from her.
  8. Call the DOT again as one person there might not know how to or is just to lazy.
    Here in PA we have lots of lazy persons on our DOT. I get answers i dont like so I call back and talk to someone else and get it done right. Her copy of the title was sent to the DOT by the Notary , they have records of it, just have to find someone there to work with you. Ha ha ha, work at the DOT now thats funny:rlaugh:
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