WTB/Trade Needed Parts For A Driver. Not A Restore

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Oct 3, 2017
Needed both sports mirrors. have those cheese plastic ebay ones now. Need weather strip for doors good shape and used is fine,. Or advice how to sweel and restore mine to seal would be great if tyhere were a way. LOL looking for a jack functional not pretty and cheap. well the cheaper the better for all. no car parts have an old pocket watch can trade if thats something your in to. I know i am.
please remember this is a driver not looking to spend a ton of money just drive it.
i am in the lovely state of new hampshire well was lovely till mass moved here> LOL
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Jun 19, 2003
Mechanicsville, MD
Ebay has several mirrors and jacks listed. Seals can be found at Classic Auto Reproductions, SSC Enterprises, Mustangs Unlimited, Mustang II Specialty Shop (Phil Schmidt), etc. Facebook has several Mustang II pages with a ton of knowledgeable people, many with parts to spare.