Needing Some Info On Some Parts For My '03 Pony

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  1. Hey there, gents. So, I received my '03 stang about 8 months back as my first car and I'm in love. Maybe it's just the whole first car, first love scenario but she's my baby and I look after her with great care. She's nothing special, just a stock v6, but I've been putting some cash away for some modifications and I'd like some help choosing said modifications. I've already put a chin spoiler on the front just to do it, and I loved the turnout. I'm looking for a new exhaust, new rims and tires, and I'm looking to get it lowered. The rims are already chosen and I think I'll be going with some 18x10 deep dish Bullitt's with a chrome lip and black finish. Give it a nice muscle look. Now, I'd like some help the springs to lower the car as well as what type of exhaust to put on it. I'm only 16 and working as a cashier at a grocery store, making a quarter above minimum wage, and finishing up high school, so money isn't exactly being thrown at me. With the exhaust, I'm not looking for a complete change, just a low rumble when I'm idle as well as a nice, mean sound when I cruise without trying to make it sound like I have a v8. I'm looking to stay under $300.00 as well with the exhaust and $200.00 with the springs. Any input, guidance, correction or knowledge is appreciated! Thank you!
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  2. I get first car love... I still have my 1st car... An 85 Fiero GT with 25k miles (when I bought it)... After I bought my Mustang, I gave it to my mom to drive until my lil boy turns 16, it's fun to drive but it's a slow piece, it's a 200 hp go cart. But, I'll say this. If your in to performance, don't waste your hard earned money on modding a v6. Save it and put it down on something better. I put so much $ in that Fiero just to get it road worthy, and I knew I would never make that money back if I ever sold it. So it now has 60k miles and i transferred the title to my mom under the stipulation that if she ever sold it I would get paid the $ I paid for it + all the parts I put on it + the 'high performance' parts I put on it + interest, and she was responsible for fixing anything and everything that would go wrong with it while it's in her possession.

    So, she won't sell it because it's only worth a grand, and she knows that it is MY car on loan to her, until the kid is 16.

    Moral of the story... If u spend the $ to make it 'cool', it will be $ spent that u will never get back. So if u think u may want to upgrade later, don't waste your $, save it for what u truly want.