Needle Position When Low Fuel Light Comes On

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Suek, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I have a 2002 V6 and I already had the fuel pump and sender changed. I think the needle is off when the low fuel light comes on. It comes on about halfway on the red empty line. I'm thinking maybe if I catch it when it comes on I'll set the needle right on the right edge of the red empty line. Does this makes sense? I have no idea where the normal position is for it to come on. Thanks if someone can help. I want this done with. HAHAHAHA
  2. Mine came on with about 3 gallons left in the tank. It was barely above the E line
  3. Yours too. So you just lived with it and calculated the miles. I'm wondering if I buy an after market gauge whether that will stop my anxiety . HAHAHAHA Trouble with my problem is it could be several things. Ground, cluster, bad calibration,etc. I'm hoping it's the cheapest. HAHAHAHA Thanks for replying.
  4. The one and only time i ran out of gas(while going through a car wash) it was past the E mark. So i know i have a bit of time when the low fuel light comes on. For the most part, when the tank goes under 1/2 a tank on any car I'm driving, i go fill it. I hate not having gas in case of a storm or something and I need to drive far.
  5. Oh my God you were in the car wash! Sorry to laugh but that would be me. Lol I'm in Connecticut so I know what you mean about storms. Lol Hopefully there won't be too much to shovel this year. I have a feeling we'll get it again. See it bugs me it's not accurate for reasons like that. But I have to stop being lazy I guess and calculate the damn miles,etc. Lol
  6. i've had 6 different mustangs.. 65, 02 gt vert, 00 v6 vert, 01 v6 vert, 02 v6 ht and another 01 v6 vert.. and usually the light comes on with 2-2 & 1/2 gallons left... yours sounds normal.... just remember you've only got 50 miles or so to empty......depends on your gas mileage... i usually get 22-24 with the v6s, if you have a gt 20-22 usually...