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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stangly w/03 GT, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. I'm considering doing some suspension changes to 2003 GT?
    What would be the best set up?
    I'm currently looking at:

    Eibach Sportline
    Eibach Prokit

    Shocks & Struts:
    Koni Adjustables
    Tokico Illuminas
  2. I would buy the whole Eibach kit that includes the springs, shocks ,struts, and swaybars.:nice:
  3. I got the Eibach Pro Kit, and wish I had gone lower.

    Also consider H & R (supersports I think). What ever model they are they look perfect to me. :nice:

    You just want to lower, or really do the suspension ? Don't overkill just yet -:shrug:
  4. H&R SS's are the bomb! I wish I'd've got them instead of my BBK's.
  5. :nice:Good advice to stay with one manufacturer if you can. I have the pro kit and eibachs sway bars (although it's all coming off) and am very satisfied with them. All of the brands you listed are of good quality.
  6. most def. go with sportline springs they own the mustang drop category.
  7. D I T T O ! ! ! ! !
  8. Anything to get rid of the 4X4 look!