Negative Roll System

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  1. Good question, but I've got '71 spindles on my '65 mustang, so they can't be too different... The ball joint & tie rod holes are the same size, but there might be a difference in how tall the spindle is and where the uper ball joint is in relation to the lower....if I was smart I'd have compared the two before I installed the '71s.
  2. I believe the only difference is the later model use larger bearings and have thicker spindles. Everything else (I believe :shrug: ) is proportionally the same.
  3. I haven't noticed ANY problems with my 16x8 centerline wheels on my '68 coupe. My steering and suspension is 100% stock (But 100% rebuilt with new parts).
  4. while my statement sounded incorrect, the point i was making is that the kit is usually installed by someone that is going for better handling and performance, so they need a larger type wheel and tire. They go hand in hand. I dont think I have heard of anyone installing the kit so they can put their 14X6 stock wheels back on. I realize Global West made the kit for handling reasons, but the car aint gonna handle much better with the same small wheels the factory gave it. That was the point i was making. Thanks to all who clarified it.
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    Good pick. My impression has always been that using a rim with 4.75" backspacing would stuff the upper ball into the rim, creating the interference. Your pic obviously dispells this. Pics say a thousand words.

    Maybe someday I will get my stang put back together so I can research this stuff myself.

    Here is a picture of how a 17X8 4.75bs fits on my 67. The rim does not touch the upper ball joint but the wheel weight does.

    <img src="" border="0" alt="" />

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