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  1. Ok, I've started the process of getting prices and, while I'm sure there are some smart salesman on this forum the guys I'm dealing with are almost useless...

    I emailed 15 salesman within 2 hours drive of me after speaking to them on the phone
    Told them two options of what I was looking for - and noted "If you have a deeply discounted 2013 GT Prem - Let me know"
    Told them stuff I definitely didn't want

    5 of them still haven't responded after 2 days
    The first response from some of them is cars we never even discussed or mentioned in the email (V6 Base)
    Or... they send me a car that exactly matches what I told them not to offer
    Prices are all over the place
    Those that have a 2013 GT Premium are slow on the discounts...
    Best I've been offered so far is a 2014 GT with Tech / Sync Package for invoice

    Do I just start knocking the price on the car down and telling them that's what I will pay "out the door"?

    I've seen several people on the forums ordering cars for less than invoice and still getting incentives and $750 off coupons...
  2. Ordered my '13 new for under invoice + incentives. Get the X-plan pricing and see how that works out for you. The holdback on the GTs is about $1500 IIRC, so that's the wiggle room you have under invoice + incentives.
  3. Silly question here. Is there a place you can type in a vin number and get the invoice price? Or are you just getting really close estimates based on a percentage?

    Thanks! :)
  4. Where are you. Im actually starting as a Ford Salesman in 2 weeks. But at Chino Hills Ford in California
  5. My dad always gives the price, monthly if payments and interest rate and for how long...the foursquare. And normally if he doesnt get anywhere close. he walks. Salesman can be sharks but my dads an Orca.
  6. Here's where I am now...
    2014 GT Base - with Tech / Sync Package - $27,200 after $2000 rebate, $750 off coupon, and dealer fees. Tax and Tag not included but I know what it is here and dealer verified "out the door" price

    2014 V6 Premium - Pony Package - $23,085 after $2000 rebate, $750 off coupon, and dealer fees. Tax and Tag not included but I know what it is here and dealer verified "out the door" price

    Both prices include all dealer fees and destination...

    This looks better than Xplan to me.

    My questions:
    1. I'm not going to tune or mod the car. The V8 is a beast - but $4000 over the cost of a V6 Premium / Pony package seems steep to me.
    2. I need to listen to the Gt Base / Tech / Sync stereo again and be sure it sounds good enough. I could upgrade the speakers but don't want to mess with the head unit unless I go with a completely base GT.

    I can't afford a GT Premium and I really only want the Premium over the GT Base with Tech / Sync for the leather seats...
  7. There isnt anything wrong with the V6 model, just get one with good seats and upgraded sound system and you're set ! Plenty of power and good gas milage. Take that price difference and use the cash for another day......and this is coming from a V8 diehard. I like the new V6 engines.
  8. Thats a good price for your options with the GT. You're getting a beast of a car for that price. You are also around 2k under invoice

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  9. I got a new 2013 GT Premium for a list price of 30,300 back in early July. MSRP was 35,545. The dealer I went to also had no dealer fees, so only had tax, tag and title to add on top. Gave me a little above KBB on my trade in (05 v6 mustang @ $6000).

    I opted for the 0% financing through ford credit to save me around $2,800 in interest in the long run, so i gave up a 1,500 rebate. I feel like I did alright, and don't feel screwed like other car buying experiences. The 0% sealed the deal for me since I was expecting another year or so before I could afford a new car. What do you think the invoice price on mine was?
  10. Invoice would be around 29-30; you did good :nice:
  11. You're probably not going to get a "deeply discounted" 2013 anything until closer to the end of the year. Of course, your choices are going to be a lot more restricted as well.

    You may have to be willing to travel a great distance to get the car you want for the price you want to pay.

    If your requirements are too restrictive, many salespeople will just shine you on. It's not like they're having trouble selling Mustangs, ya know.

    The cheapest '13 V8 I found on was a Silver GT Premium for $28.5k in Florida
  12. What is the $750 coupon? I am taking delivery of a base V6 coupe tomorrow. I would love to have Sync but just can't afford the extra monthly payment and am putting down as much cash as I can get my hands on, plus I have crappy credit so 0% is not an option. I am getting $2,500 in rebates and incentives, am I missing out on something?
  13. You have to request a brochure in the mail or via email from the ford site. Note that you are buying in the next 30 days. Make a request this morning and see if the send you an email noting you can buy an in stock car for an additional $750 off. It's like another factory rebate. If you get it, the dealer will honor it since it doesn't affect their bottom line. The brochure and or the email usually take a few days to receive though.

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  14. What price and options have they offered you? Post here and others may be able to tell you how to play hard ball today. Got to Edmunds. Com, find out invoice price and offer that. If they say no, walk out and I guarantee they will call you. If you have a trade, know what's it's worth before you get there from kbb. Com. Also, negotiate for the car price and then negotiate the interest rate. Settle on the "out the door" price which is all fees, taxes, tags, etc. Don't let them add anything to that price once you agree to it.

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  15. ... And you price is as close as you can get to invoice MINUS the $2500 in rebates.

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  16. Did the OP ever settle on anything ?
  17. Best I could do was: 2014 Gt, base with added Tech package for $26950 + tax and tag. That includes $2500 in rebates and $750 Ford coupon. Had to order the car and dealer is honoring my soon to expire coupon and will give me better rebates if they go up.

    With tax and tag $27300 out the door.

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  18. got it cheaper then me.......Mine was $35,000 after 5,000 in rebates from usaa.
  19. Premium or base? Did you add any options or packages?

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  20. I'm sitting at the dealership right now waiting to sign my docs. I know my final financing number but I don't know the breakdown yet. I found the value on, the value of my trade (which unfortunately is less than I owe but I already knew that). My interest rate is terrible but I already knew that and have no choice, my credit is awful so I have to take what I can get. Heck, I had to go through 3 dealerships before I could find one that would finish the deal! I'm still happy with it because I am paying lower I tweedy than I was on my old car. Well, not really old, it was a 2012 Focus. LOL!

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