Nephews School Project

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  1. my nephew sent me a couple pics of his school shop project .looks like a 460 Ford
    he is supposed to disassemble and rebuild it .wow, i remember my shop project .it was a Briggs and Stratton
    that had probably been disassembled at least 60 times. we didn't have to make ours run but he does. i am glad to see there are schools that are still teaching things like this. my old school dropped all the shop classes:nonono: Untitled.jpg Untitled tt.jpg
  2. Got a bit of work in on the 460 today more work to be done tomorrow

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  3. are you going to be tearing it down completely to bare block?
  4. what is that motor out of ?looks like the motor i had in my old boat. roller rockers and guide plates . looks like a nice motor
  5. Thats great i like to see them still teach this stuff.
  6. Yeah me and my friend have to take it all the way down to the block. And I'm not sure what its out of he's just had it sitting around the class room on a motor mount but I can ask him tomorrow.
  7. Very nice, I wish my HS auto shop back in the day had something like that to work on...would have learned a lot more!
  8. Wait... I see chicks in the first picture. Chick in an auto-shop class??? :shrug:

    :doh: NEVERMIND! I've figured it out. They're there to learn how to make sammiches! :nice:
  9. they are rebuilding the sammiches that the shop guys fugged up
  10. Oh... and when did they start allowing flip-flops in a SHOP class? :shrug:
  11. high heels are allowed anywhere I go
  12. my niece in Arkansas is in a welding shop ,and doing better than the boys i hear
  13. image.jpg image.jpg Still gotta take out the pistons and after that not to sure what else Mr. Cox is gonna want us to take off at this point but has been a really fun project so far just can't wait until we have it running.
  14. he will probably have you take it all the way apart .think you can put it back together?
  15. Yeah I think I'll be able to put it back together I have all the bolts zip lock bagged and labeled. Got a late jump in the engine today but was able to take off the oil pan and get out 6 of the pistons before running out of time.
  16. that is the way to do it. soon you will be able to tell where the bolt goes just by looking at it.
  17. We also had briggs and stratton engines that had to run when reassembled. For extra credit i rebuilt my 289 that went on to last about 15 years on the bottle till the blower melted a piston.
  18. In flip-flops? :shrug:
  19. cuold be ,it is Arkansas. they may be bare foot:rlaugh:
  20. Here in CA they would probably allow kids to wear sandals in shop class just so no one's feelings or freedom of expression or self-esteem got hurt.

    I like how they're making highschoolers lug all that 460 iron around. :nice: NOTHING is lightweight in a 460. In constrast, I've been playing with a Suzuki Samurai lately and the entire 1.3L engine is aluminum. It's only about 175lbs fully dressed...10lbs lighter than me.