Neutral safety on floor shifter?

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  1. Hi all,

    I ran into another small problem after installing a new PA C4.

    The Problem:
    PA ships their transmissions with the shift lever cut off for compatibility. Some cars have the shift lever up, some down, so they cut it off and leave it up to the customer to either:
    1. Remove and install their own shift lever, which requires pulling out the valve body and unbolting the lever from the inside (those Ford engineers :) ).
      - Or -
    2. Install a universal shift lever.
    Keep this in mind to anyone wanting to put a performance auto into thier car.

    I opted to go the easy route, install a universal shift lever from TCI. I discovered there's catch in doing this though; there isn't enough room for a neutral safety and a TCI lever on the shaft!

    Normally I'd just say hell with it, who needs a saftety switch? Track rules say you do :) Not that it's a race only car, but I would like to take it out time to time and hell, I guess we need safety too.

    So, I'm trying to think of a way to wire up a switch to the floor shifter inside the car. I know you can buy a brand shifter with it built in already, but I'd rather save some money AND not go though the hassle of making it fit.

    Please, any ideas?
  2. OK, I think I have solved my own problem:
    Put a bracket with a momentary switch mounted in front of the floor shifter. When the shifter is all the way forward in the park position, the switch is depressed and the ignition wires make contact to start the engine when the key is turned.

    The only drawback is it can only be started in the park position. I guess if I absolutely had to start it in neutral, I could just press and hold the switch to start it (or in any gear for that matter). Although, I would need two hands to do that, or my foot :)