New 03 Lightning Owner Here!

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  1. Well, after over a month of research, countless visits to various dealerships, and many posts requesting information on this and other message boards, I have purchased a 2003 Black Lightning! I bought her Saturday. I actually wasn't going to make the drive, ( Margate, Florida. about 40 miles north of me) but when I was heading over to the Maroone Dodge dealership to make an offer on the Silver 02 with 4000 on the clock, something just made me go for it and see if the black one can be had. I test drove the L, it drove very sweet! Good power, slight pull to the right, but an alignment will fix that. They appraised my GT at exactly what I wanted, $13K ( unlike Sawgrass Ford that morning when they offered $7K! :mad: ). I couldn't be happier. These trucks are just sick! I am very satisfied.

    Stats on the truck:

    2003 Lightning
    Black Clear Coat

    Mileage when purchased: 517

    Reason: original owner bought it, but his credit didn't come through. He took a trip that weekend, had the windows tinted, got the call that he had to return the truck. Sucks for him, but great for me! :D

    Price: 33K down to 29. I got them to take an additional $1K off putting her at 28K and I upped my down payment to $6,000 due to the negative equity on the stang, and to get my payment in the neighborhood of 500.

    additional features: soft toneau cover. no bed liner.
    (good thing, because Line-X will be going in soon)

    Cost per month:

    My payment came to $494 + gap insurance, tire and wheel coverage for 5 years and vehicle security group ( etched serial in the glass) for a total of $512.00 per month! ( cheaper than my 520 per month on the Mustang!)
    Insurance: quoted at $170.00 per month. ( $30.00 cheaper than the Mustang!)

    Overall Experience: great. I highly recommend Maroone Ford in Margate to anyone. Those in the South Florida area should go there. Customer service, fairness of the reps, and overall treatment makes you feel like a rich person buying an $80,000 Benz!)

    I'll get some photos of the truck soon.

    God I love this truck!
  2. Congrats !!

    Come on over to Gen 2 Forums!! :nice:
  3. i'm so jealous...congrats dude :)
  4. When I was a sophmore in high school, one of my friends dads bought him a brand new (at the time) '01 Lightning. Everyone loved that truck, including me. I was soo jealous. I got to drive it, very torquey down low, and awesome supercharger whine. Lightnings are my dream truck. Them and the '03/04 Cobra make me wanna jizz my pants.