New 04 or Keep my 02 GT

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  1. hey guys i'm in quiet a dilemma... ok I currently have a 2002 GT with the current mods on my signature below... I have the opportunity to buy a comp orange 2004 Cobra that's brand new. I love my GT but its just not a Cobra. What do you guys think I should do? If I buy the Cobra and trade in my GT i'm going to get a major loss on trade in value. Also I'll be paying off the Cobra for the next 6 years. Is the Cobra really worth it? Should I just forget about the Cobra and do mods to the GT? New 2004 Cobra or stick with the GT and put a blower on it?

  2. "How fast do you want to go?"

    I suppose that is the question you should ask yourself. There's no doubt that the newer Cobras have a huge power potential after adding a few key modfications. A midly modded GT is very nice as well but if you are not happy with it, then opt for the Cobra as long as it doesn't kill your wallet. :)

    Only YOU will be able to decide what is right for your situation...
  3. C-O-B-R-A!!!!!!!!! I went from a 2002 Gt vert to the snake and have not looked back since.
  4. I just made the trade on saturday from an 01 GT with every bolt on but headers and gears to an 03 Cobra. I loved my GT but the Cobra is a totally different car. It is worth the extra money if you can afford it. It took me a long time to make the decission, but I am glad that I did. Just be sure that you think everything through before doing trading in the GT. Good luck.
  5. Once you try a Cobra, you'll never go back.
  6. Agreed. I did the tradeup also. You could leave the Cobra stock and still be miles ahead of the GT with boltons. You also gotta think about resale also. With the 05 coming out and the expected results, it kinda leaves the two-valve dead in the water without a paddle. Not saying that they're bad cars, I had one. You can only go so far with it before you spend the same as or more than a Cobra IMHO.
  7. cobra. i drove an 03 cobra last saturday..loved it.

  8. Ditto!! GET THE COBRA!!! HURRY!!!! lol
  9. Whatever you decide to do, do NOT trade in your car, sell it on your own and make an extra $2-$3K. But why comp orange? I think there are much better colors to choose from, just my opinion. I bought an '04 torch red. The car moves, really fast, even bone stock, and you can make it VERY fast for a decent amount of cash. But....have fun paying gas and insurance, along with the payment!
  10. Comp Orange is the only color they have left on the lot.... do you think it would be easy to sell my 2002 GT with 14,200 miles? Any one interested? Private message me if you are
  12. I also did the trade up and I am glad I did. I am also on the 6 year plan, the only way I could afford the payments. I thought about it for a long time and went back and forth between the two so many times I couldn't even count. The final decision for me was the love I have for the cobra, the last year of this particular body style, the power potential that the GT would never be able to attain with out a S/C and the risk of the motor blowing on it, and the complete enjoyment I get everytime I fire that thing up and drive it. See this
    smilie-- :D , that's what I look like when I am behind the wheel. If you can swing the payments and the cost of owning a 04' cobra will not send you to the poor house, I think it is a no brainer. Just my 02. :nice: By the way, Comp Orange is a great color, had a chance to go with that when I got mine, but decided on Redfire. I remember the looks I got when I test drove the Comp Orange, people's jaws dropped as i drove by. :eek:
  13. I'm glad you said that... :hail2: :)
  14. how much did you guys pay for your cobras? buy em new or used, I am contemplating the same thing, either buy an 00 to 03 GT or a used 03 Cobra within the next 6 months
  15. The Cobra is awesome, drive it and your mind will be made up !!!

    I paid $35.7K earlier in the year for my Mystic, you should be able to get a regular color for right at $30K. Good Luck !!!
  16. $35K for Mystic? That's a great price. Is that a coupe or vert? I paid $35 for an '04 vert. I definitely think you can get that price for your '02 (assuming you've taken care of it and it's in great condition). I sold an '00 convertible 6 cylinder for $11,500 with 60,000 miles after just two days of advertising, mind you the car was in mint condition and looked new. So go for it and skip trading it in. If you can't sell it in a month or so, then trade it in, you have nothing to lose. Oh, and DO NOT go through Ford credit, they will do everything they can to get you to finance through them, but all you need to do is find a good credit union and they won't be able to touch them. Just remember, 75% of Ford's profits come from their credit division, only 25% come from vehicle sales-
  17. Ummm, Cobra.
  18. I got mine 5 weeks ago and paid ~30K. I got a 6 year loan and pay ~$500/month. I traded in my 2003 GT and the improvement from GT to COBRA is amazing. Go drive the car and then make the decision. I'm fairly sure what your choice will be after driving it.....haha
  19. How much did u get for your car on the trade in for the Cobra? How many miles did you have?
  20. I traded up from my '03 GT to an '04 cobra. It's definitely a better car. I don't know if I'd take a big hit on your '02 GT to trade up though :shrug: