New 04 or Keep my 02 GT

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Black03GTRR, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. So I should def sell privately then huh guys? The dealer will only give me 12,700 for a 2002 GT with 14,287miles on it. The car is in mint condition too
  2. I would sell it privately if you can. I just got 12,000 for my 01 with 33k miles.
  3. Get the Cobra!

    I did! I have my new 04 Cobra and I'm loving it. The stares...the glares...the ball busting's like planet LOVE!


    p.s. here is my new 04
  4. The dealer only gave you $12K on the trade for your '01? Damn. :jaw:
  5. How much would you expect to get? The 04' GTs have 4000 rebate and can be had for about 19-20k, so how much would the 01' have to be priced for you as a buyer to buy it!

    I work at a dealer have an 04' with 10k miles and my used car mgr will only give me 18k for my 04'! There went my thoughts on getting the cobra.
  6. WORD!!! i went from a Kenne Bell powered 01 to my 04 Cobra and not a regret!!!

  7. Dan, I wanted to Kenne Bell my 2003 GT but after reading your post that you made awhile back just after buying your Cobra you got me thinking. I didn't want to spend 6K to max out my engine/tranny. Thats why I traded in my GT and got the Cobra. No regrets from me either.
  8. I traded in my 03 GT with 31k miles on it. No leather, no Mach 460, almost stock with only mufflers and 4.10's. They gave me $14k for it and I got my used 03 w/10k miles for $27k. Payment went from $345 to $450 for 72 months with 4.1%. Definetly NO regrets here.
  9. You're not the only one. Dan started a good portion of this. I read his post also and that became the straw the broke the camels back. Spending $4-6K on a blower,then worrying about everything else tapping out. The Cobra just makes more financial sense in the long term.
  10. How comparable is the power between the two? I always wondered the opinion of someone who went from a Kenne Bell GT to a S/C Cobra. Pros and cons? Let me know. :nice:
  11. Sell it privately and use the money you make over the dealer trade in to take all of us out for a cold one- You'll be much happier when you make an extra $2-$3K by selling it yourself, especially if it's mint like you say it is. Do it now before winter rolls around though. Good luck and keep us posted-
  12. I traded my 02 GT for an 04 Cobra. Absolutely happy with this decision. :D
  13. Sold my 03 with 25K for my 04. Got $4k more by selling it than trading it, but you also have to consider the tax brake if you trade it in.
    the GT is great, but the Snake kicks some serious @$$.
  14. So, have any of you considered trading up to a 04 Cobra from an 01?

    That's what I'm thinking about dealer said they will give me $18k for my 01 cobra vert and sell me the 04 cobra vert for about $38k (with 0% financing for 5 years).

    Do you guys have any comments?

  15. BTW... from what I remember when I considered the whole tax thing...I calculated I would get just a small tax break (maybe a couple of hundred dollars), but it's relatively low compared to how much you can make if you sell it privately ($2000 more than trade in).
  16. COBRA all the way, i drove mine off the lot monday, and when i drive home from work, i take about an extra 30 minutes! you wont regret it.
  17. I say keep your GT! Cobras are nice, but you should check out the price of parts for modding them.. Pay off your GT and mod it like crazy. or Keep paying $450 plus for a new cobra for the next six years. I know that cobras are attention grabbers, but that only means you have to be more careful where you take it and wondering if it will still be there in the morning. Unless you can take care of the COBRA, stay with the GT.