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  1. Hello All,

    I'm the proud owner of a 1968 Mustang coupe and I have some questions. This forum looks like it's a great place to get help. I've posted some photos, their worth a thousand words each...

    #1. The hood does not have the turn signal indicators but does have the FORD badging. Both options on a '68 or is this a '67 hood?

    #2. You cant see from the photos but it doesn't have shoulder belts on the ceiling. Options or removed?

    #3. I need to source the Pony emblem and rings. Any suggestions?

    #4. The drivers seat is starting to let go. Reupholster or replace? If replace, any suggestions?

    #5. The tail light set-up looks unusual, no chrome surrounds and the horizontal grooves are odd. Any ideas why it would be like this?

    #6. The hubcaps in the trunk, are they period correct or off by years?

    I thank you in advance and look forward to viewing everyone's responses.

    BTW, this is for my wife's 50th birthday next August. She's always wanted a classic Mustang as they both turn 50 the same year. She doesn't actually think she's gonna get one. The surprise will be huge! Don't tell her...



    WP_20131118_14_07_31_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_34_51_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_41_44_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_41_57_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_42_12_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_42_50_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_43_01_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_43_15_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_43_35_Pro.jpg WP_20131120_11_45_44_Pro.jpg
  2. Nice looking car! :nice:

    @horse sence should be able to answer most, if not all of those questions. :D

    Great luck with it and congrats to your wife! :)
  3. the turn signal hood is an option for both 67 and 68 .it can be purchased through any of the mustangs parts dealers ,get the ford tooling though for best fit.
    i believe 68 was the first year for shoulder belts ,they have probably been removed .
    you have the deluxe tail panel .it came in the exterior package ,this is a very nice option. you have a GT gas cap is the car a real GT? added or not another nice option. you are missing the horse and choral in the grill ,and possibly the fog lights if it is a true GT. the hub caps are 67 or 68 not sure exactly but i think a red center is 68 and blue is 67. that is a very nice looking car .this should make the wife very happy:nice:
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  4. the front bucket seat i would just re upholster,but i would do both so they will match. the upholstery kits can be bought through Mustangs unlimited ,National parts Depot and many others .TMI makes about the best covers.
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  5. Horse sence,

    Thanks for the info. I don't believe it is a real GT. Is there a definitive way to tell? You mentioned the exterior package accounts for the deluxe tail panel. What else does it include?

    I can believe I have to wait out our Canadian winter before I can even think about cheating on my wife and drive it before her birthday...

  6. i believe it is right and left door mirrors,tail panel trim and i am not sure what else was included . i had a 67 GT fast back with the tail panel trim .it is hard to tell in a 67-68 because a 2 v motor could be in a GT. usually it will have deluxe interior ,however that was an option as well in a GT
  7. I doubt its a true GT. I'm happy enough with the GT gas cap and the deluxe tail panel. I was thinking of replacing it to get the chrome surrounds but after finding out its an actual tail light panel option, I think I'll keep it. I thought it might have been some cheap aftermarket add on after the fact...

    Wow, TMI looks like the way to go for seat replacement. I see one of the color choices is Ivy Gold but they don't show a whole seat. Does anyone know if theirs matches the two tone of my original seating? And yes, replacing both front seats for continuity makes sense.
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  8. yes you can buy front seats in full kits or complete front and back, and the colors you need are available

  9. TMI has space here in the vendor portion of our forum. Additionally, you can call them with a tag @TMIproducts so that they will see this thread. Ask em questions... pick their brains... find out exactly what is possible and what is "unobtainium".

    From what I've seen from them so far, they can do pretty much anything with upholstery. I'm sure that you can work it out with them to get what you're looking for.
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  10. Horse Sence, you mentioned I'm missing the horse and corral. I noticed the grille I have has no preset holes for mounting. Has anyone tried mounting the horse/corral on a grille without them or does it not work. I'm assuming I'll need to replace the grille with mounting holes to make everything straight...
  11. Hello - thanks for the above mentions - and the tag!
    First and foremost congrats on your new arrival - looks solid and ready to restore!
    As for the seats - we definitely can help you out with that original color combination.
    Any one of our Authorized TMI Dealers can help you out with that stock item - we have a dealer locator on our site here:
  12. here are some pics of the 68 grill .it is hard to tell in your pics but you may have a 67 grill .they will interchange but are a little different _MG_4120.JPG _MG_4121.JPG _MG_4122.JPG
  13. I know the grille picture I posted doesn't show very well. From the pics you posted, I see all the spots (for lack of the proper wording) where the pony and corrals attach. My grille has none of these spots. It's a no frills grill with only the rectangles. No spots whatsoever to mount anything. I now see how the corrals and pony attach from the back side and realize trying to jury rig it won't work. I'll need a grille to go along with the pony\corral...
  14. that would be a 67 grill, the horse and bars mount different .
  15. Nice looking stang :nice:
  16. He's a close up of the grill. I'm assuming this is supposed to be a badge less grille...

  17. happy wife = happy life. Hats off to you
  18. yeah ,you have a 67 grill . 67 has a bracket that is riveted in place on the back of the grill to mount the horse,corral and the bars .in the 67 grill they bolt to the brackets and not the grill its self . 68 they bolt directly to the grill
  19. You don't have to replace the "whole seat". Just buy the new covers and I would recommend that if you buy the TMI sets to also buy their replacement foam. It will definitely make a difference in your seats.

    I would agree with the others, you have a '67 grill, not a '68. Good luck with the your new project! I am very partial to the '67/'68 body style. Just fun cars.
  20. Since I cant do anything with this car until spring, I've been researching some of the resto parts I'd like to install before I gift it to her in the fall. Wow, you can practically rebuild a Mustang from the ground up if you wanted to with all the little things you can do. I think I'll be redoing the upholstery on the front seats and replace the foam. Good idea, Wonten67, thx. You are right, I've been told it's a '67 grill. I know my wife would like to see the pony and corral so that's on the list too.