New 2.3 Fox Owner In Ny

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  1. It has just under 4,200 miles . For the second time in it's life . No I won't be driving it over the winter all my other cars are front wheel . All except the Jeep which is too much fun in snow . It has the full time 4x which can be driven in rain snow or dry . So 4lo 4hi and full time plus the LSD in the rear . Detroit Tru Trac "Limited slip diff" not hallucinogen . If I do drive it , it will be on the weekend just for the day .
  2. Picked up the sway bars and ordered the pwr lock actuators with new rivets of course . The front bar has all new poly bushings/ends and hardware . Rear has no bolts , need to get some this week . Eibach bar is plenty beefy .

    ry%3D400 Can't wait to get the rear bar on to see how it does . I have noticed the shocks/struts need changing . That will wait until I get the passenger seat redone and the sway bars on .
  3. how is the project coming along? looks pretty nice from what i seen so far. is that an auto or a manual car?
  4. Nothing happening right now , too cold and started a new job . Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas . Just collecting parts and doing regular maintenance . Driving it to work on non-snow days .
  5. Last week i changed both the weather seals on the sunroof . Finally getting ready to do the exhaust and a few other things . Just took a couple days off for a short trip upstate . The car ran very well but on the way home it just stopped shifting into overdrive . I have a new stock non-adjustable vac modulator and hope that's all it needs .
  6. Drove it today and overdrive is back .
  7. Those A4LD's are time bombs.
  8. Your such an optimist ! Looking on the good side of course . Someone was selling a 93 by you a while back with a 5spd for six hundred . I knew I would regret not picking it up . I did think I would have more time before it started acting up . Still it's running .
  9. Hopefully she stays that way!
  10. glad to see shes running good looks like a nice car. i am also reduced to driving my 2.3 even in the cold (winter) but i wash it so often like twice a week lol besides i just picked up a rust free 90 GT convertible 5.0 5 speed so its ok for the time being
  11. Well the vert's not something you want to drive around in the bad weather months . Good luck with it and post a pic when you get the chance .
  12. here she is. girlfriend thinks the color scheme is ugly, i absolutely love the car mustang vert 004.JPG mustang vert 005.JPG mustang vert 012.JPG
  13. I like that color combo . Two tone looks much better on a vert but only with ground effects not on an LX . Same thing with the Turbines , better on a convertible GT . I like it ! Hey , at least she doesn't think your ugly . Or ask her for five grand so she'll like the new color scheme .
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  14. Received the headers , muffler , diffuser and tail pipe . No cat yet so not getting installed anytime soon . ry%3D400
    Don't know why the pics loaded sideways. The header has the diffuser on it just for show . Hopefully this week the weather will cooperate and I can change the door weather striping , power lock actuators , dash and door speakers . Need to order a cat so I can get the exhaust on and out of the house .

    I picked up a brand new black rug and rear seat delete for $160 on CL and a Super Coupe steering wheel for the tilt wheel when I pick it up this weekend . Bad habit hoarding parts w/o having time to install them .
  15. Good weather finally . I put in the power lock actuators and now have my power locks working . Hoo raahh . I even had time to change the tiny a/t gas pedal for the wider 5spd one with a new spring as well as better speakers that I've had kicking around for awhile .
    The new speakers sound way better . I only changed the dash and doors but it sounds loads better .
    I don't know if it's just wishful thinking but it feels better driving with the wider pedal .
  16. I'm anxious to hear how it sounds with the Pypes muffler, I heard their kit on an SN-95 once and it was downright terrifying (in a good way).
  17. Finally got the header and exhaust installed . My wife finds it loud but of course I like it , sounds throty . It was getting so only drove around the block before parking for the night . I must say it took much less effort on the pedal to get it moving . May be wishful thinking but shifting seems seamless . No hard shifting or clunking . But then again I only went a few blocks around . No pics or sound clips yet .
  18. I did pick up a few other things lately . I answered a CL ad for Fox parts . V8 spindles complete with brakes , 2 tilt steering columns and and a V8 power booster . All for $50 . Which is way , way cheaper than Ebay or driving out to the U Pull yard . He had some perfect condition high back GT seats and offered them for free . Unfortunately they had been left outside and were completely soaked and green with mold . They were in the free pile with dashes and other parts along with the leaves , dirt and water
  19. OK so the new exhaust is too loud . Even for me . Raspy and drones inside . Wife says lets give it a week to see if we can live with it . I don't think we are going to dislike any less after after a week . It's louder than my Jeep .
    On the other hand it does have a lot better feel even with the noise . Kinda sounds like I'm driving a ricer . No breno !

    Any suggestions ? I was thinking a Walker Quiet Flow . The one in my Olds sounds nice and performs well . Or maybe a Resonator ? Last resort would be sticking a 2 1/4" muffler in the 2 1/2" system . I can't see myself warming up to the sound .
  20. OK so I couldn't wait for an answer . I swapped the Pypes muffler for a Turbo muffler . Now it's quiet with a slight rumble at the tailpipe . Soooo much better now and better than stock .