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  1. I had a low brake pedal so I just adjusted them a little bit . So on now to the suspension and braking .
  2. I had DynoMax Super Turbo on mine when I first installed it in March '05 I liked it. Then it rotted out and I just went to Midas and got their knock off Flowmaster in Spring 2010. I loved it. But there must be a leak somewhere now, it's not as crisp as when it was first installed ... idle is still mistaken for a V8 though!
  3. Drove out to Hershey on Sunday and it's knocking a little underneath . It only does it really during ilde before warming up . Be back home on Wed but stopping by the u pull in Allentown on Tues if the weather co-operates .
    I'll have to check to see where it's hitting when I get a chance from work .
  4. I swapped the 10 Holes for the Pony's I picked up in the Fall . ry%3D400

    This was at a Brewery Tour parking lot . We didn't like the beer but it was a fun tour anyway .
  5. Obviously you've been there .
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  6. You're in my neck of the woods!
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  7. Never made it to Allentown tealtiger 93. I stopped at Greble U-Pull-It first and then went on to Hazleton Pa afterwards . I found a beautiful set of seats in an Escort GT with the headrests . I so wanted them but we were in the Mustang with luggage and a cooler and so on . I pulled the headrests for my seats or I'll sell them if I decide not to use them . the seats were perfect . Grey with the red piping like the SVO seats . After we left I regretted not getting them of course . Should have at least tried to separate the top from the bottom to get them in the back .
  8. Knocking is gone . Noise was the tailpipe rubbing on the upper control arm .
  9. I'm looking at getting the motor to run a little smoother and more efficient . Read that as more peppy with better gas mpg's . I've heard people mention using 2000 up Ford Focus injectors which are supposed to be 17# injectors . Anyone on here actually tried them . The other option is a set of flow matched 14# Bosch injectors .
  10. The only planned future mods would be air tube intake with a K&N filter , junkyard underdrive pulley's and track lock . Maybe 4.10's after I see how well it drives . Having the AL4D worked on this week hopefully if my Mother and Mother-in-law will give me a break from Honey-do stuff .

    I'll look into an aluminum driveshaft if anyone ever chimes in about having gotten one built and on their car .
  11. I've never installed an aluminum shaft, but I've heard the one from an awd aerostar will work.
  12. You think ? Maybe that's for the 5spd crowd ? Hopefully someone else knows and will chime in .
  13. I've never heard of anyone using different injectors in an N/A 2.3. I'd love having Trak-Lok but your 3.73's should do you just fine. 4.10's on the street are overkill IMO. And I don't recall anything about aluminum driveshafts either. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful "chiming in."
  14. Guys on one of the other 2.3 sites that are really into building up motors swap out to 17lb and 19lb injectors . They sport 4.10's and a few have ordered aluminum shafts but never reported back or just never got around to actually getting them . The shafts are custom not off the shelf or from another car . Unless it was a 5spd which would come from a 5.0 . I think that would be a good upgrade for you .
  15. Got tired of driving around with big headrests in the trunk . They look pretty good even if I do say so myself .

    The material is an exact match to the LX seats . They were from an Escort GT at the U Pull . Think I paid $10 for both . ry%3D400
    I added a little bit of padding while I had them apart .
  16. Damn my e-brake handle doesn't travel half that far up!
  17. High performance extra long brake cable .
  18. Well I haven't gotten any new done but I have started collecting parts for a 5spd swap . I also ordered a flow matched set of bosch 17lb four hole Ford Focus injectors . As soon as they arrive I should be doing a complete tune up and installing the injectors .

    AWD Aero vans did come with the aluminum shaft but the front yoke needs to be changed for use in 5spd cars .
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  19. The 17lb Ford Focus injectors arrived and are installed along with the tune up . Ran rough right away and smoothed out by the next day . Did not take long for the computer to learn them . It's running way smoother now but I haven't gotten a chance to get out on the highway .