!! new $2000 saleen !!

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  1. that saleen was the saddest thing i have seen in a long time :(
    Please do it right...
  2. oh god...poor thing! thank god its got a good home now, take good care of it
  3. well that gt in the backround was totaled.....i saved that but that saleen is going to go through the treatment it will look great... i promise
  4. good god. what happend to it. its got a good new home now
  5. good luck with the project I know it will turn out great!
  6. OMG, that is the most hideous hood I have ever seen in my entire life EVER. Good to hear its in the hands of an appreciative stang owner.
  7. I want it and how much :shrug:
  8. man I wish I had the money and that car to fix it up, good luck, thats going to be real fun!
  9. Arrrgghhh! Im at work. They block Putfile for some reason. Too much pron I guess :rolleyes:
  10. +1. I have a lot more than putfile blocked at work too
  11. I thought the Saleens were 5 lug:shrug: Or was this only post 87??
  12. i was thinkin the same thing, 4 lug swap? lol
  13. Other than the rear hatch, I don't see a lot of rust so at least you don't have loads of body work to do.

    You sir have taken on a great responsibility. Make us proud! :flag: :canada:
  14. 87+ Saleens got the SVO brakes (or Alcon front upgrade)

    83-86 Saleens were 4-lug.

    Poor car, it should look nice when done. Best of body world...Fox Saleen + 4-eye'd 85-86 nose :nice:
  15. well when i bought that gt it was totaled and i broth that to life so... the saleen wont be that bad the floor pans are shot... the dumbass couldnt paint worth a **** there is rust on the top of the fenders how hard is it to get rust on top of the fenders.... you almost have to try to get that but it front end got hit and the fender are warped a little bit but it will be a nice lil car..... i really like the whole world class t-5
  16. will be sweet and be worth something when she is done....glad you got it and didn't go to waste
  17. go for the gusto, keep us updated with some pics
  18. I still want it :(