New 2010 GT500 numbers

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  1. Hey guys just been thinking about what numbers the new gt500 will put down as far as 0-60 and quarter mile? Just give me your best guesses thanx.
  2. Depends on traction & driver, but assuming a good driver with traction I'd say...

    0-60 mph = 4.0 seconds.
    0-100 miph = 8.9 seconds.

    1/8 mile = 7.4 @ 92 mph.
    1/4 mile = 11.8 @ 118 mph.
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    Yea i was thinking around that area too 0-60 in 4 seconds and high 11's to low 12's i think the factors will be how improved the traction is and how the aerodynamics will play in their role as they have been changed to provide more downforce and less drag thanks for the reply i hope that numbers are right cause man that would be sweet!
  4. think they improved that much with 40hp? i doubt it..ive seen many of the 05+ run the same or just a tick faster than the 03/4 terms. kind of disappointing with 110 extra hp IMO.
  5. gt500 numbers

    yea i totally agree the extra 40hp and tourque will get you only 2 ticks off the clock i am interested to see how it hooks up and how it does in the aerodynamics dept. which are major factors for this car as you can see in the 07-09 version i am hoping they did some work in that area which could provide some better times.
    1. 40 more hp
    2. 30 more lb ft tq
    3. 3.73 gears vs 3.31 gears
    4. cold air vs fender inlet

    Evan Smith at MM&FF magazine took an all stock 07 GT500 to the dragstrip and ran a 12.25 a few years back. I bet he'd be just the guy to take a '10 GT500 into the high 11's based on the improvements noted above.

    Throw some drag radials on a '10 GT500 and you could shave a little more off my estimates above.
  6. GT 500 numbers

    What! no **** 3:73's stock thats great i didnt know must of missed that when doing my homework and with DR's no doubt for sure he could get high 11's i have my faith in him, thanx for the post. :hail2:
  7. Still don't forget Evan Smith is an above average drive to say the least. Yes he will beable to pull times like that but expect to see most drivers running mid-low 12s just like how you see most 07-09 drivers running hig-mid 12s.
  8. what i dont get is why dont they give gt500s stock like 275+ tires, 255 isnt enough for 540 hp in my opinion.
  9. Only the fronts are 255, the rears are 285's.
  10. o so they are smarter then i thought lol