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  1. hey guys ... i wanna get some rims ... i have no idea what rims would b a good choice .. any suggestions thank you for the help :)
  2. Start on American Muscle's website. They've got tons of options.
  3. i did but im trying to see other websites :)
  4. That's the main reason I bought the MCA edition, lack of wheel choices for in my case a convertible. I wanted a dark wheel for my car.
    Ford doesn't allow the performance upgrade with 19" wheels and Brembos on the Vert.
    I plan to look here and Ebay for factory 19" take-offs.

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  5. I'm pretty sure you can get the Brembo wheels rather easily. Those Foose wheels on AM are rather nice, IMO.
  6. eBay, TireRack etc.

    Just depends if you are set on OEM wheels, or just wheels of a certain color/style.
  7. American Muscle..
  8. I have RTR's and I love them. Hope that helps. :)


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  9. What are the spec's on your wheels?
    They look real nice on your car.
    It's funny I was looking at them on ebay just yesterday.
  10. They're the standard RTR 19X9.5. I have to say that like everyone, I stared at wheel combo FOREVER before making my choice. Each time, folks would put something up saying, "they look better in person than in the pictures," and that's 100 percent true. These RTRs look even better in person.
  11. Also forgot to ask, did you get them on ebay or a shop?
    Can you give me a ballpark on total with the tires you bought?
    Lastly you did 19x9.5 all around right?
    Thanks Ron
  12. I looked FOREVER on eBay and Craigslist for the RTRs. I was just about to get some American Muscle wheels (which are just as fine, by the way), when a guy put the RTRs and Nitto 555's on Craigslist. I immediately jumped on them, and get them all for $900. That's a hell of a deal. I'll probably have to replace the tires by this summer, but still...Most things I've purchased for my Mustang was slightly used, and I do mean slightly. Bought my Borla ATAK axlebacks for $450 after a guy put them on his car, didn't like how loud they were. Everything else I purchased from AM, who are the best. The Mustang community is a great community to literally trade around stuff we purchased, changed our mind on, or simply don't like, but you might like. I'd check the classified on this and other Mustang boards for your check list. Or simply give it to American Muscle and let them fill your order. Oh and yes, 19X9.5 all the way around. Didn't like the staggered look, but these still give me the muscular look I wanted. Plus, I can rotate them.

  13. You got a great deal and your car looks hot!! What's the tire size?
    Best of luck!!