New 250 hp 3.5-liter V-6 Mustang Engine?

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  1. Theres been talk bout this for a while, its basically an official announcement of what everyone has been talkin bout for a while. I dont think theres any direction mention to the mustang. If they do put it in the mustang my guess is it will be the same time they put the DOHC in the GT (they announced that just recently too, for 2008 i think it was).
  2. Once again ford will be 10 years behind the competition, gee what a suprise
  3. Funny you say that, because i dont know any v6 cars under 20 grand that can compete with the v6 mustang.

    I also dont know any v8 sports cars in the gt's price range that can compete with it either.

    Then you have the ford GT that runs 11.2 in the quarter mile, and goes over 200mph, for 1/3 the price of its competitors.

    The new Z06 is very close in performance to the GT, but its pretty much maxed out, the compression ratio is off the chart, the cylinders are bored to their max, the airflow was made perfect.
  4. We are talking about engines here not cars. a 3.5l v6 offering 250hp in 2008 is 10 years behind the competition. Everything that Ford does is ten years behind the non-domestic competion(everything), it has been this way since the seventies and will continue to be this way.
  5. Theres a logical reason for this.

    America has always had and always will have different driving habits than the rest of the world.

    Where else except for the big 3 could you get 440/429/427 cubic inch engines in a common everyday car?

    No where I know of.

    Theres no replacement for displacement.
  6. You dont go to a dealership, and purchase/finance an engine and drive it off the lot now do you?
    As to bein 10 years behind? thats still a far cry fromt he truth, not until a few years ago did nissans 3.5 liter break 250hp.
  7. and now with the new SAE standards they're only 210... LOL!

  8. Too bad they couldn't have put that engine into the 2006 Pony Package! :hail2:

    FoMoCo needs more imagination >>>>>>> :notnice:
  9. itd be harder to sell the gt if the v6 had only 50 less hp for 5 grand less.
  10. Do you have a link showing the drop in power due to the new standards?
  11. I was joking... I did however read the articles this summer about the Asian cars being overrated... 210 became 190....
  12. What is your source on this?
  13. Last month's C&D had a small article on this.

    GM came out pretty well
    Car ---- OLD -- NEW
    ZO6 - - 500 - - 505
    STS-V - 440 - - 469
    G6 - - - 200 - - 202

    Honda & Toyota didn't fare so well:
    Car ---- OLD -- NEW
    3.5RL - 300 - - 290
    3.5TL - 270 - - 257
    Scion - 110 - - 102
    Camry 3.0 210 - 190

  14. I read this back in August in the Detroit News...
  15. The only car, that I can think of for 20k which would match the performance is the '06 Civic SI. The Civic will probably be slower though.
  16. Well for "22k" (not after markup and options) u can get an srt4 or a cobalt SS. But those are not n/a cars. And the last civic si was slower, this one will most likely follow suit.

    there was a cobalt SS at the track on friday, completely stock, his best run was a 14.9
  17. scrming--

    Thanks for the follow up