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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Zach Harris, May 16, 2013.

  1. Alright Voorhee's asked me to post up some pictures of her when I bought her, She needs work the hood scoop was stolen and interior panels are falling off, but I have them and I've ordered the new scoop so here she is with a little work put into her, when I got it there was a hiccup which i tracked down to a bad fuel filter, the instrument cluster didn't work, I changed the fuses that were blown and cleaned up the headlights as they were yellow when I bought her.

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  2. Solid car. As for the interior, there is a vendor(TMI) on Stangnet that does reproduction interiors, however he does not have the "Limited" interior yet. I emailed the guy some time ago and he said they could do one, just needed samples from a real "Limited Edition" to match. You might think about being the candidate for the creation of the interior kit. I know I would if I needed a new set of leathers and then they would have them from now on.
    Just a thought.
  3. Looks like your in pretty good shape to go. From a starting point you have all the hard to locate parts. And as you said you already have the hood scoop on order. So now a little TLC, cleaning, maintenance and pride of ownership and your ready to roll.
    Congratulations on the new ride.
  4. went to my first car shows on Saturday with my friend Doug, we got offered a chance to join a club in our area for cruisers, also got offered to paint my hood scoop when it comes in for free!