SOLD New 363 Dart Short Block

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  1. New and Unsued '09 Dart 363 machinery short block,
    Steel crank and 4340 forged I-beam rods and forged pistons
    Serial # sbf090125f06 - are $750.00 alone on jegs
    363ci, 4.125 bore x 3.4 stroke

    Is plate honed, clevite bearings, coated cam bearings, comes with new milodon water pump, pro performance balancer 28oz externally balanced, timing cover and the engine stand. $4000 firm you come pick it up. No trades, ...well I may consider some action, will list below. Anyone sending half in paypal or half Cash at my door is first in line to hold it for you, unless you got $2000 to play ball, please move on. But really, instead of paying for new heads, go get that solid bottom end. I'm a well known member and furethermore, who the hell else is willing to work with you if you can't front $4000. So I will give you 3 months to complete the deal. Doesn't get better than that. No problem with getting a signed noterized deposit with conditions of final payment time frame. Will add a "Sold" or "Pending Transaction" as we go.
    Pick up only!!!!! .....Lawrenceville, Ga.

    00303_37EqnfBnQeL_600x450.jpg 00k0k_9XI33HfoWSR_600x450.jpg 00X0X_iGRGhZfbRWA_600x450.jpg
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  2. Ok I'm going against my better judgment cause people tend to offer junk with trades. So let's start with what I want, a nice @ss jet boat with twin engines preferred but one with a big engine better have some serious pep. If you got one cleaned and regularly serviced with records you are in front and center. If you do not have records it needs to be in showroom presentation, garage kept etc. Has to be a nice one, NO junk. Another possible option, if you have $2500 and a nice @ss jet ski or pair of jet skis on a trailer. We may can find a middle ground if you got 2 skis, but they have to be serviced and nice, NO junk. As you can see I'm looking for nice water toys. Send me pics of what you got and we'll go from there.
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  4. Changed my mind on shipping, only condition is you make full payment and pay for shipping and I will ship, my zip code 30017, only way I'm bothering doing shipping. But if you can come get it, I would much rather you do it that way.
  5. pending transaction then if it falls through "blowbyerracing411" is up, ones in line please be ready for transaction/offer.
  6. More pics.....

    IMG_1355 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1351 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1357 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1356 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1359 (1024x768).jpg
  7. The transaction is scheduled for 11:30am tomorrow, if by chance it falls through and if the next ones who are in line can be in Lilburn, Ga tomorrow afternoon I will sell it for $3700. When the money is in my hand i will post that it is sold on here and on the other forum site. Who ever can buy it tomorrow mesg me to get your spot in line, I will go right down the list.
  8. Transaction update, the 1st buyer "Sale" is pending a wire transaction at 10am tomorrow morning because he couldn't come pick it up. 2nd buyer has been notified of situation and time frame. If anyone else can pick it up tomorrow or sunday or wire the $2000 to hold it for 3 months, send me a mesg to possibly move up in the sale order, price is now $3500 to my first buyer, thnx Barry 770.842.802 one - text me
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  9. Deposit was made by 1st buyer, block claimed.
  10. I would say that if the insurance company paid my full estimated value of my damage claim, i would've jumped on this!
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  11. It is a nice set up.....but buying it for me would also mean I'd have to spend another $4,000-$5,000 on new heads, intake, headers and fuel system to feed her. That's an expensive snowball. lol
  12. I also was considering this, I didn't have the money to keep the build going , it would be sitting for a while longer until I had the funds to feed the beast.
  13. *SOLD* ...transaction fully completed :nice:
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