New 5.0 coyote GT

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  1. Well I finally did it and bought me a 5.0 coyote Mustang GT. It's a low mileage (9400) 2011 Silver GT premium for $26750.00.



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  2. Pic's or it did not happen.......:shrug:
  3. Private party or dealer? What did it have for options on it? I'd like to think mine is still worth more than that with similarly low miles.

    Sounds like you got a good deal.:nice:
  4. Sounds awesome. Post some pics! Congrats!
  5. <---------Is jealous
  6. Congrats man i just bought a kona blue 2011 gt premium with 6,000 miles
  7. I got it at a VW dealer.
  8. I posted a photo of the car, waited for a sunny day to take pictures.
  9. Cool. Looks like it is lightly modded. Do you know what all has been done to it?
  10. It has H&R lowering springs 2" drop in rear 1.5 up front, Zinik 20"wheels w/sumitomo tires, rear HTR Z III 275/35ZR20, front HTR Z III 255/35ZR20, Flow Master axleback exhaust and JLT carbonfiber cold air intake w/SCT tune
  11. How does it ride with the 20's?

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  12. [quote="2laneblacktop, post: 8680771, member: i just bought a kona blue 2011 gt premium with 6,000 miles[/quote]

    Thats an awresome color!
  13. Looks great and I am rather fond of that color!
  14. It rides just great, but it maybe harsh for some because of the H&R springs.
  15. You got a GREAT deal as far as I'm concerned!!